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Monte Cassino Cross

Article about: Can anyone help me find out who was originally awarded a monte cassino cross with with serial number 7 079. Thanks for your help.

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    hi there

    Just wondering if it is possible that a member may have details on a Monte Cassino Cross no 42432 I Have had this one for some time but have been unable to get any info as the Museum now does not release info as they used to.
    I already have 3 in groupings but two came with orig docs 2 officer one was KIA and buried at Monte Cassino Polish Cemetery[incidently i was there a month ago and went to see his grave,rather touching , but good to pay respect to those who fought for our freedom].
    The other one is to a nursing sister which was verified by the museum a few years ago.
    I would be most grateful for any info on cross 42432 if possible.
    thanks guys

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    Hello Policefirechief,

    May I be the first to welcome you to the Forum, the recipient of the Monte Cassino Cross Numbered: 42432 are as follows:

    Rank: Szer. (Private)

    Surname: LUZNY

    Christian Name: Michal

    Date of Birth: 1916

    Army Number (also found on his ID Tags): 1916-1-III

    Unit: 1 Szpital Wojenny (1st Military Hospital).

    I sincerely hope that the above information is of some use and help to you.

    Best wishes


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    Hello again Policefirechief,

    I have just found the following information on Michal Jozef LUZNY, Married in Islington in 1952, became a British Subject on the 9th July 1963 (London Gazette Issue Dated: 27th August 1963) in 1963 he was a Railway Worker living at 100 Highbury Quadrant, London, N5.

    Michal Jozef Luzny died in London in 1986.

    That is all that I was able to find on him from a quick search of the internet, I hope that it is of some use and help.

    Once again, Best wishes


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    hi there Andrzej

    Many thanks for the info on the Monte Cassino Cross 42432 to MICHEL JOZEF LUZNY 1ST MILITARY HOSPITAL this is greatly appreciated at the moment i am struggling to find time to visit the site as i have a few things i wish to share with members. will try to visit soon
    again may thanks for your valued knowledge.

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    Can anyone help me find out who was the recipient of the Monte Cassino cross with serial number 22 998. I will be more than grateful.

    Best regards,

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    Hello Patrycja,

    May I be the first to welcome you to War Relics, your request for information on the recipient of the Monte Cassino Cross Numbered: 22998 is as follows:

    Rank: Kanonier (Artilleryman)

    Surname: KUL

    Christian Name: ANDRZEJ

    Date of Birth: 1912

    Army Number (also found on his ID Tags): 1912-437-III

    Unit: 5 Pulku Art. P-Lotn. (5th Anti Aircraft Artillery Regiment), 5KDP, (5th Kresowa Infantry Division)

    Could not find anything for him Pre 1939 as yet, although I have found his death listed in Bristol, Gloucestershire in 1986.

    If I find anything else I will post it for you.

    Best wishes


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    Thank you Andrzej, I really appriciate your help.

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    Hello again Patrycja,

    Many thanks for your reply, I was glad to be of some help to you.

    I have been able to glean a little more information about Andrzej Kul, he was the son of LEON KUL, Andrzej was arrested by the NKVD in 1940 whilst in Bialostockie.

    That was all that I could find, I hope that it is of some use and help to you.

    Best wishes


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    I am also a new member of this forum.

    Looking for anyone that would be willing to help me find a recipient of Monte Cassino Cross number 3254.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Hello Sebastian,

    May I be the first to welcome you to the Forum, with regards to your post asking to find the recipient of the MCC Nr 3254 details are as follows when awarded:

    Rank: Kapral

    Surname: Cichon

    Christian Name: Jan

    Date of Birth: 1912

    Army Number: (also found on His ID Tags): 1912-4-iii

    Unit 2KPAL

    Jan Cichon survived the war and ended it has a Plutowny (Lance Sergeant).

    Best wishes


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