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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Hi Valerii
    Would the order be correct ? Maybe other members will give the answer.
    As far as I know the Monte Cassino cross was issued as a commemorative medal, but was upgraded (not sure which year ) to a State Decoration, if this is correct then you have the right order.


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    Hello Gentlemen,

    According to seniority the Medal Wojska is higher than the Krzyż Monte Cassino. But regardless of this, the most important is your subjective opinion, Valeri. If you think that your great-grandfather treated the Monte Cassino Cross with more respect this order is the best.

    You remembered your great-grandfather in a brilliant way. The box is beautiful.

    Great job, Valeri!


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    Quote by andrzejku98 View Post
    Hello Valerii,

    Many thanks for your post, with regards to Franciszek Smolak who died of wounds at Monte Cassino.

    Rank : Szer.sp.

    Surname : Smolak

    Christian Name : Franciszek

    Date of Birth : 29th April 1910

    Fathers Name : Paweł

    Born in : Turża

    Army Number : 1910-236-III

    Date of Death : 17th May 1944

    Grave Number : 7-A-17

    Service File with the Polish Army Records Number : X4461

    Monte Cassino Cross Numbered : 26023.

    Franciszek Smolak was the fourth person listed in the Battalion has being killed at Monte Cassino

    After the end of the war belongings of Personnel Killed during the war were held by the Government in Exile, I know that in the last couple of years the British Ministry of Defence has returned the Army Records of those personnel killed during World War 2 to the Polish Army Records Centre.

    I would therefore advise Bożena Babiuch, to contact them at the address below to see what happened to her Grand Fathers effects :

    Central Military Archives
    ul. Czerwonych Beretów 124
    00-910 Warsaw-Rembertów

    After the end of the war in Europe countries were in turmoil and especially in Poland where they lost territory in the East and gained territory in the West, people where moved and lost contact, although they could have tried the Red Cross who was still working tracing Polish Soldiers and their Families into the 1950's.

    Hopefully Bożena will find out by contacting the Army Archives.

    Best wishes

    Hello there Andrzej & Everyone!

    Some days ago I went through the internet & found an interesting weblink
    with the list of useful resources, which can help in the research process
    of military service by the Polish soldiers during WW2(post here for your observe):

    Log into Facebook

    There, I have found an archive which stores things & documents of PSZ soldiers who died during the WW2.

    Wykaz depozytów z Archiwum Akt Nowych i Wojskowego Biura Historycznego


    For nearly fifty years, the issue of the return of personal files and deposits left by soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces in the West who died during World War II could not be positively solved for political reasons. It was only in 1996 that the Military Archives Commission and the General Directorate of State Archives took up the matter again, and after a few years the deposits were brought back to Poland. They were deposited with WBH (then CAW) and AAN.

    Currently, the resources of the Military Historical Office and the Archives of Modern Records include 4,284 deposits that the families of fallen soldiers will be able to collect after documenting the right to inheritance. The deposits contain unusual souvenirs of Polish soldiers: ID cards, orders and decorations, private correspondence, documentation regarding death, photos of loved ones. In addition to this standard content, you can also find jewelry, everyday items (compact boxes, lighters, razors), watches, rings, postcards, religious souvenirs - prayer books and rosaries.

    In order to be able to collect the deposit, it is necessary to present documents confirming the closest possible degree of kinship with the deceased, e.g. birth certificate, baptism certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate or a notarized document confirming the legal inheritance of the deceased. The AAN deposit collection policy can be found HERE. A deposit may also be issued to a person notarized by the legal heir. The deposit may be transferred only at the headquarters of WBH or AAN after prior presentation of the above-mentioned documents (from which copies are made) and completion of the transfer protocol.

    The contact person regarding deposits is Jerzy Siwiński from WBH, tel. 261-813-883 and Agnieszka Wopińska from AAN, tel. (22) 58 93 123.


    Post here for your observe the list of 4284 soldiers, whose personal items still stored in CAW or AAN.
    For most of them it also include information about the full date & place of birth:


    According information from Bożena's letter, the
    daughter (Genovefa Smolak - 83 years old) of Smolak Franciszek never
    saw her father even on photo. Unfortunately it have not survived either.

    Already told Bożena about this deposit, hope they will find some photos of his ancestor there.

    Smolak Franciszek goes by № 3329

    Monte Cassino cross

    Bożena promised to send the item's photos of her grandfather by result.
    Will post some when it can be possible.

    Regards, Valerii
    Last edited by ValeriiGajewski; 01-20-2021 at 08:50 PM.

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    Seeing a large database of photos, I am asking for help in looking for a photo of rifleman Feliks Wiciak, b. in 1907, a soldier of the 6th supply company of the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division. Awarded MCC # 27572 (1907/110)
    He was my wife's great-grandfather, he never returned to Poland, he emigrated to Argentina from Italy and the trail ends there.
    According to MOD, he was a soldier of 1st platoon or 1 backup platoon, then (in 1946) 2nd platoon 6th supply company of the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division.

    I'm looking for photos of him or the soldiers of his unit.

    I have documents from MOD, I have from NKVD documents and the photos are still not there.
    The Sikorski Institute is closed yet, online documents are also not working, so maybe I can get help here.

    Thanks in advance for any help or tips.


    EDIT: Cleanup

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    Hello Filip,

    May I be the first to welcome you to the Forum, I have searched through the Kresy-siberia website without finding Feliks Wiciak at all, I did find him listed in the Victims of soviet repression website, below is the information they have on your wife's Great Grandfather.

    Monte Cassino cross

    Filip, your wifes Great Great Grandfather named Antoni he was Feliks father, Feliks served either has a Regular or Reservist in the September 1939 Campaign and was captured by the soviets in Włodzimierz with his Regiment on the 20th September 1939 and after the german attack on the soviet union on Sunday 22nd June 1941 Feliks was freed under amnesty and joined the Anders Army at Tatiszczewo on the 3rd September 1941.

    It might be worthwhile writing to the Polish Army Records Centre in Warsaw, to see what information they have on him, their address details are below for you Filip :

    Central Military Archives
    ul. Czerwonych Beretów 124
    00-910 Warsaw-Rembertów

    With the world wide pandemic at this moment, most institutions are closed so if you do write, give them time to reply, with regards to the PISM in London they are still closed and it seems that their servers are also down.

    I did mention this fact in an email to one of the PISM board members that I know, but have not received a reply from him has yet.

    Also Filip, after the end of the war in Europe, the units of the 2nd Polish Corps came to the UK and it was after being released from the Polish Resettlement Corps that most men then emigrated to where ever they wanted to go, North or South America, Australia, etc.

    Anyway once again Welcome to the Forum Filip, hopefully one of the other Forum members may have a photograph for you, but it would be a long shot.

    Best wishes


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    Hello there Filip!

    Is it possible from your side post here the photos of MOD reply?

    Regards, Valerii

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    Thanks Andrzej for the replay.
    Yes, I know this data.
    I also know Kresy-siberia, probably he is not there because his personal card has not been preserved. These cards are in the Hoover Institution in Stanford in the General Anders Collection.

    It is not a problem anyway, because I have data from MoD UK and I have recreated its entire military path. Only the photo is missing :-) This is the problem :-)

    Thank you Andrzej for help and welcome.

    Valerii: Do you mean the MOD cover list or the materials? They send me a registration book and a copy of the book of granting the 5 Kresowa commemorative badge and that's it.


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    Hello Filip!
    I mean the official reply kind this one:
    Monte Cassino cross

    And all copies of the provided documents.

    Did you try ask them about Army profile record?
    Do they have kind like this one or if not for which reason?

    Army Profile Record | Swooping Eagle

    Regards, Valerii

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    Also I advise you Filip join to the following facebook

    1) Krzyz Monte-Cassino group(already saw your post)
    Krzyż Pamiątkowy Monte Cassino (Monte Cassino Commemorative Cross)


    2) Krezy Sibiria group:
    Kresy-Siberia Group

    Regards, Valerii

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    The official response is the same. "of all available copies".

    Army profile record as on the link was not attached, only "registration book" and "registration card". Very nice and interesting site by the way.

    I will ask Mrs Goddard of MoD if they have an army profile record with foto.

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