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New quality of fakes

Article about: But still lack of knowledge (happily): Annoyed from this ads?   Rare WWII Polish Para Breast Badge Numbered Duplicat - eBay (item 110549214901 end time Jun-26-10 15:19:09 PDT) Others op

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    Default New quality of fakes

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    Default Re: New quality of fakes

    Quote by rsunday View Post
    I like the sellers reference:
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    Default Re: New quality of fakes

    Rafal, Thanks for bringing up this item for attention !

    Some clear errors to the badge, and I don't know why he has used the forum as a reference, as this badge has not been discussed here !

    Gary J.

    (I have contacted the seller, and asked if he would like to put the badge up for discussion here.)

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    Default Re: New quality of fakes

    The seller Martyn has been kind enough to give permission to post some images of the badge in question.

    I'll leave it to the members here to view the said item.


    Gary J.
    Attached Images Attached Images New quality of fakes  New quality of fakes  New quality of fakes 

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