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Valour Cross and Monte Cassino Cross group

Article about: Gentlemen I have just acquired this group that belonged to a Bronislaw Golas. This all comes together from his niece so I am assuming that the flashes, 2 Korpus and medals are correct but ho

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    Hello MIKWIZZY,

    Many thanks for your post, I have checked the recipeints list for the Monte Cassino Cross with no joy the 4 Czeslaw Wiśniewski that I found were born in 1909, 1911, 1914, 1917.

    I also looked through the list of Polish Soldiers killed in action in Italy and found an Ulan Edward Wiśniewski, Born 29th March 1907 in Borownica in the provence of Dobromil, Killed in Action at Monte Cassino on the 12th May 1944 buried at Monte Cassino Grave Nr: 3-F-16. Edward served in the 12th Podolski Lancers and was awarded the KW.

    This was the only Wiśniewski that I could find that served in an armoured unit.

    Does the above ring any bells for you has to where your father was born.

    Other wise you will have to go through the M-O-D to obtain your Fathers Service Record.

    Apologies for not being able to help you further

    Best wishes


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    thanks anyway.
    I didn't think my father would have the Cross as there's no mention made of this in his papers (an MOD letter mentions the 1939-45 star, the Africa Star, the Italy star and the Polish Army Medal.

    I know his brothers were all from Torun where his parents lived and died.

    Out of interest, which sources of information are you using?
    Are these available?

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    Hello Mikwizzy,

    I have gone through the list of Wiśniewski that where killed in action in Italy there are 6 in total:

    1) Aleksander Born in Stare Blonowo

    2) Boleslaw Born in Kramkowo

    3) Edward Born in Borownica

    4) Jan I Born in Niszczewice

    5) Jan II Born in Buczacz

    6) Marian Born in Lipniki Stare

    The sources of information that I have used are as follows:

    1) London Gazette

    2) Monte Cassino Cross Recipients List

    3) PISM Archives

    4) Index of victims of Soviet repression

    5) Google search etc.

    Best wishes


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    thanks again
    I'll contact the MOd and see what information they have

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    I'm not sure how you do it, but could you do me a search of anything you can find please on my grandfather
    Stanislaw Wojtasinski

    - - ------- - -


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    Hello Daniel,

    May I be the first to welcome you to the Forum, I have searched through my records and done a search of the net and have gleaned the following information on your Grandfather STANISLAW WOJTASINSKI, when awarded the Monte Cassino Cross his details where has follows:

    Rank: Strzelec (Rifleman)

    Surname: WOJTASINKI

    Christian Name: STANISLAW

    Date of Birth: 1917

    Army Number (also found on His ID Tags) : 1917-68-III

    Unit: 18th Rifle Battalion, 5th Kresowa (Frontier) Infantry Division, 2nd Polish Corps

    Awarded Monte Cassino Cross Nr: 19901

    After the end of the war he decided to come to the UK, where in 1956 in Ealing he married your Grandmother Olga May Taylor (born in 1921), he later applied for and was granted British Citizenship whilst living at 3 Shirley Gardens, Chaucer Way, Plymouth, Devon. The announcement was made in the London Gazette issue Nr: 45929, Page 3422 Dated 15th March 1973. Stanislaw received his Naturalisation Certificate Nr: 010082 dated 12th January 1973 (National Archives Home Office Records Ref: HO 409/25/10082 (page 123)).

    The only other information that I could find was the Death of your Grandfather in 1987 and the Death of your Grandmother in 1996.

    That is all that I could find for you, if you wanted to find any further information on your Grandfathers Service during WW2, you will have to apply for copies of his Records both English and Polish from the M-o-D. They now charge £30.00p for this and you would have to supply them with copies of your Grandfather and Grandmothers Death Certificates and your Parents Birth and Marriage certificates and your Birth certificate to prove Kinship to your Grandfather.

    Best wishes


    p.s. let us know how you get on.

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    I have not posted here before so not sure if it's in the correct place. I have been reading the post in the forum while on vacation in Melbourne and interested to know if you have information on the MC list for my father. He was in 6 th Lwow Armoured Battalion pre war, then fought in the September Campaign. Arrested in 1939/40 date not known. Deported to Siberia, then rejoined the Polish Army in USSR with 6 th Lwow. He went on to fight at Monte Cassino. I have his MC medal number at home, but what I am interested in is any information you have on record for him. I'm amazed how much information you have given others on their family members. My father name is TADEUSZ CZECHOWSKI from Tarnopol ur. 1919. Thanking you kindly for any help and assistance.

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    Hello Helenka,

    May I be the first to welcome you to the Forum, I have looked through the recipients of the Monte Cassino Cross and have found the following information on your Father when awarded the MCC His details where has follows:

    Rank: Strzelec (Rifleman)

    Surname: CZECHOWSKI

    Christian Name: TADEUSZ

    Date of Birth: 1919

    Army Number: (also found on His ID Tags): 1919-143-III

    Unit: 15 Kompania Zaopatrywania (15th Transport/ Supply Company) 5th Kresowa (Frontier Infantry Division

    Monte Cassino Cross Numbered: 27643

    Helenka would I also be correct in stating that your Father married in Tynemouth in 1948 to Audrey Paterson.

    The only other piece of information I was able to glean concerned a Tadeusz Stanislaw Czechowski who became a British Naturalised Citizen in 1950.

    Unfortunately that is all the information I am able to provide you with Helenka

    Best wishes


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    Default MC Cross

    Thank you very much Andrzej for your welcome and assistance. It's very much appreciated. The information given is all correct. I am aware of Tadeusz Stanislaw Czechowski, however, he is not related. I was hoping with information you had given to others there may have been some more information on my father to fill in some missing gaps. Never mind, I guess it will remain a mystery the date he was arrested and where he was deported to in Siberia, also the date he reached England.

    Would anyone be able to tell me why on rejoining the Polish Army in the USSR he was assigned back into 6 th Lwow, then once reaching the Middle East the army reorganised and he was assigned to 5 th Kresowa, then again at the end of the war why would he be assigned to 2 nd Warszawa ( 9th Supply Co) ? He had badges for all three divisions. Also does anyone know why soldiers received crosses of merit Medals? What kind of duties did soldiers perform to receive them as my father receive one and I'd like to know what it was for. My Father didn't like talking about deportations or war.


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    Brilliant, thank you so much.
    I've actually sent off for the mod records today

    I didn't get a email to let me know you replied so I am glad I checked

    I've also been told he received the cross of valour.. Have you any idea why soldiers were awarded this?

    Thank you again

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