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Help with identification- a unit badge? ???

Article about: I've posted this elsewhere but I think it is more relevant to this forum - I'm trying to identify the small badge/medal in the photo below worn between the two Soviet star awards. Does it lo

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    [deleted: duplicate posting]

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    Dude, nobody knows his role in partisan movement except he created small group of Jewish refugees aka "Uncle Mitya" and then joined Soviet part. movement. What could hei do? Terrorising some Ukrainian villages? OK, Jewish partisan movement became popular after movie about Belsky brothers, but its just a movie and has very little common with reality.
    Regarding his pre-1941 period, I still have a lot of questions. Why he wasnt repressed being an owner of concrete plant when many Poles were murdered and sent to camps? Why he was allowed to become an officer coming from occupied territories? Do U rly think nobody check it?

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