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Polizei buckle

Article about: Howdy guys, What do you think?

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    Default Polizei buckle

    Howdy guys,

    What do you think?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Polizei buckle   Polizei buckle  

    Polizei buckle  

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    Default Re: Polizei buckle

    I dont know why but I dont like it, I dont like the colour of the metal, looks like a cast fake, I din tlike the ears or the makers mark, I will need to have a real good look at the buckle, got a pic of the front square on? Also a close up of the makers mark?


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    Default Re: Polizei buckle

    Hi !

    I do not collect belt buckles but IMO this is a legit Christian Th. Dicke



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    Default Re: Polizei buckle

    Thanks guys,

    At 100 Euros, it ain't my cup of tea, coffee...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Polizei buckle  

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    Default Re: Polizei buckle

    If it turns out legit it aint worth 100 Euros

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    Default Re: Polizei buckle

    I feel it's a cast fake. Shouldn't the ears be bent down? Being cast probably the metal's too brittle to bend.
    Also, unless it's a dug item, the dirt on the back is odd. Why clean the front & not the back? Unless it's handy to cover up casting marks!!



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    Default Re: Polizei buckle

    Having just looked at quite a few aluminium CTD Police buckles they are different to this one, for me the lack of ears is the biggie, I know Rob Lachance has a CDT police buckle and hopefully he will show it, for me the buckle is a fake

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    Default Re: Polizei buckle

    I have to agree with Ben. All the examples of CTD Police buckles that I can find have bent down ears. I wouldn't think it would be very comfortable to wear either!! Bad one

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    Default Re: Polizei buckle

    Hi guys! Yeah - I don't like this one either!'s the example you spoke of (man - you have a great memory!)....I think you just have to compare the two and enough will be said....repro IMO. Look at the ears, the two "tt"'s in Gott and even the "C" in the maker mark; to name but a few differences.


    Attached Images Attached Images Polizei buckle  Polizei buckle  Polizei buckle 

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    Default Re: Polizei buckle

    Hey Rob, I know your collection better than you do

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