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fake relics

Article about: Paul, I believe it has been rusted in Estonian soil........... ! Holycats, I think helmets of this type are too far gone for restoration, but some unscrupulous types like to add 'pre-aged' d

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    Default fake relics

    what do you guys think about crooks out there faking non-ss heer helmets. such as relics supposedly excavated? from my observation and what people say on forums.... it appears relics have recently been commanding a higher price than usual.

    i know prices usually range between $30-$150 depending on the condition, and it would seem it would be a waste of time for these scumbags to conterfeit, but from what i read on previous threads....... it doesnt seem that to hard replicate rust naturally or artificially. after all, most relics are soooo rusted that all serial numbers are gone, so who are we to say they are real? of course unless we obtain these pieces from someone we trust, there would be no way to tell......

    what do you guys think?

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    Default Re: fake relics

    Big big difference between old and new rust. Don't think it is very easy to replicate old inactive rust.

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    Default Re: fake relics

    good point.....but i still wonder if that aged inactive rust look can still be achieved using natural or unnatural techniques.

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    Default Re: fake relics

    seems like all hobbies fall victim to conterfiet..... i have vast knowledge and a large collection of animation cels and i can certainly tell you guys that this particular hobby is infested with scum!!

    i guess like anything else, you just gotta know your sh*t or you'll get burned.....

    just want to pick all your brains so i can educate myself. anymore input fellas?

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    Default Re: fake relics

    Fake relics exist all over the collecting landscape. My website,, has dozens of photos of fake Civil War relics and links to sites that try to educate collectors on fake WWII items. In some cases they are easy to see. In others they are so good even the best are unsure. It is a sad but true pitfall in relic collecting, especially WWII German.

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    Default Re: fake relics

    One of the problems is that if you are reasonably adept at renovating/restoring helmets etc, by imparting certain knowledge on how to do it gives fakers more ammunition to ply their trade, there are ways to make new rust look old but i dont think it would be prudent to mention it here

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    Default Re: fake relics

    Regarding the way this query has been worded i fully agree with Dave.

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    Default Re: fake relics

    Do you think rust like this could be faked? IS it worth restoring?

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    Default Re: fake relics

    Doesnt looked faked to me , its up to you if restoration is preferred but its in its found state, plus it looks fairly well preserved as is.

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    Default Re: fake relics

    Looks like it could have been rusted in Estonian soil !!
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