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M35 Helmet -please help identify-

Article about: Hello everybody! I guess like many of you, i started to collect helmets with a ground found / dug out helmet. And everyday i learn something new, thanks to this forum and you guys So a few d

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    Ren Wax is a great choice. As far as the leather, I would leave it untouched. I've actually heard that linseed oil will cause the leather to deteriorate faster...
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Circuit advertisement M35 Helmet -please help identify-
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    Thanks Andy and Map for your answers. i appreciate it!
    I already have renaissance wax in my shopping cart, because you guys on the forum recommend it

    Also i have read almost every thread in the relic and restoration section, but i still dont know which method is the best to treat the leather. Some write linseed oil, some write vaseline.. and so on.

    So i hope it´s ok to put the helmet and liner in a light oxalic acid mixture without harming the leather.

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    Tobi, I’ve never used Oxalic Acid but it is highly toxic so read up on it and use caution. I’m also not sure how it works on leather however I have seen some great results in light rusted helmets so again search the forum and you’ll find lots of threads on both.

    Looking forward to seeing the results and congratulations on a nice relic helmet.


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    Thanks for the advice Andy, i read the thread already
    I will work carefully and have safety glasses and acid restistent gloves.

    Glad you like the helmet! I will post photos when i'm finished

    Ps: i just ordered renaissance wax

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    hi all,

    back with some microscope photos. i noticed something like sand on the surface, what do you think?
    picture quality isn't the best - sorry!

    what you also can see, is some kind of "slimy" (dont know how to describe it) stuff, thats the clear coating it's troublesome to remove it..

    as always: thank you for your replies

    M35 Helmet -please help identify-
    M35 Helmet -please help identify-
    M35 Helmet -please help identify-
    M35 Helmet -please help identify-

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    Looks like sand, maybe from where it was dug up, or maybe from an overpaint though I can't see any sand that is integrated into the paint. Hard to say for sure what it is.

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    That seems plausible thank you for your answer. I will keep the thread updated with photos.. After oxalic cleaning and so on.

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    Interesting photos Tobi

    Keep them coming

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