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Replacing an M17 internals Need help

Article about: I own an Si66 M17 camo which was pillow less but recently acquired an Si62 complete liner with pillows. My question is how do I unclamp the old leather from the size 62 band without damaging

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    Default Replacing an M17 internals Need help

    I own an Si66 M17 camo which was pillow less & pad lessbut recently acquired an Si62 complete liner with pillows.
    My question is how do I unclamp the old leather from the size 62 band without damaging the frail leather.

    Thank you in advance
    Replacing an M17 internals Need help
    Replacing an M17 internals Need help
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    I'm no expert, and I'm new her. But I was told by someone who is more experienced than I, (R.E. installing original pads) to use saddle soap. It will help to soften the leather. I suppose this would help with removal as well as install.

    Other than that, be very careful. A small, thin screwdriver, will open the crimp. Slowly and carefully.

    Again, I'm new here. If you PM me (if that's a thing here, and I can find it) I'll try to get you in touch with him.

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    Thanks for your reply Yossarian.
    I went ahead and removed them very very carefully but unfortunately to do that I had to destroy the metal band, which I didn't want to but was left with very little choice.
    And you're right I did it with a fine screwdriver and fine point pilers.........Now the real fun begins (haha) I have to put them in a larger liner metal band.
    They came out very well and 95% of the leather strips that go under the crimp is still there but I'm going to need to make a jig of sorts to hammer the crimp back down.
    The leather is actually rabbit skin so it's still very soft so I won't need any lubricant at all to get them back in but rather advice on how to re-crimp the band they're going in.....or I'll just battle on.

    Replacing an M17 internals Need help
    Replacing an M17 internals Need help

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    That's too bad about the ring. Hopefully you can still throw it up on ebay for cheap and someone can use it.

    Of course you'll want to prep. the "new" ring first. Hopefully a little less destructive this time. You don't need to flatten it out. Just open the gap enough to get the pad down in there all the way. Go slow, take your time. Coax it open don't force it. Work your way up and down the length of the crimp. Massage it open a little at a time. Maybe set the pliers aside for this part. Pay attention to places that have been weakened by rust. Don't pry hard on them. If your ring is like mine, you'll find its rather pliable, but still brittle. It is 100 years old after all. It doesn't need to be opened all the way around. Just a little more than where the pad goes.

    Once you have the gap open, take your little screwdriver and run it around the gap to clean out any old leather, rust dirt or heavy patina, that may interfere with the "new" pads. I guess you could wash it at this point if you want. I didn't.

    Now for the fun part! As if it hasn't fun enough already, right?

    I'd say go buy the saddle soap. Keep the receipt. If you don't need it, return it. Now I was working with new leather. I'm sure it will be different for you. I just don't exactly know how. Your pads are going to have 100+ years of memory. Mine had none. At this point I'm going to let my advisor advise you.

    "If you are using original leather I would go with the saddle soap as old leather can be dry and tear easily. Once you have one end in, crimp it down with a pair of pliers. Go to the middle and crimp that. Then to the end and crimp it. Now you can go back and finish crimping in the remainder of the pad. Just make sure the edge of your pad is down in the slot."

    I was informed that with new leather, I could use water to soften it. On my first pad, I started with just wetting the edge that was going in the slot. By the end, I was soaking the whole shebang under the faucet. There was lots of hurckin and jerkin, and I even made up a few new cures words. Really good ones at that.

    Now, my leather didn't want to go into that shape. I had to make it. Yours has been in that shape for a very long time. However mine was easily replaced. Yours is not.

    As for the crimping. I just used a pair of channel locks. I picked them, first off, because they were there. Secondly this pair has a smooth pad at the front of the jaws. I didn't want to crimp ridges in the soft metal. If you don't have pliers with a smooth grip, just wrap each jaw a few times with masking tape. You don't need to squeeze the snot out of the crimp! Just get it snug. By the time you crimp the entire length, it should hold. Keep your small screwdriver handy as you may need to push the leather down in the slot in a few places. You also may need to open the crimp again if the pad slips out. Be ready to walk away, take a breath and cool down.

    Hopefully this helps. I'll admit, it was not nearly as easy as the instructions I was given made it out to be.

    Best of luck. Let me know if I can try to help further.


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    Oh, just in case you have a better tool selection than I have in my small apartment, apparently a 1/8 inch bead on an "tin jenny" is perfect.

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    I haven't forgotten about your very appreciated advise Yossarian but I'm incredibly over worked this week so will say a proper thank you once I can show you how I'm going in the next few days. Best regards

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    Hi Curt

    Once again thank you for invaluable assistance with this.

    Unfortunately I had to cut the liner ring into bits in order to get the pads out as then I could bend the individual pieces somewhat so as not to tear the leather. I sat on it for awhile but there was no way around it, I hated doing it but I bought it for it's pads and not the ring and it did cost me some dollars.

    I will buy the saddle soap just in case but they are very soft already but I'll err on the side of caution as they're very delicate too.

    I initially tried crimping with channel locks but they weren't up to it so I've had to modify a pair of serious wire cutters which give me the length to crimp and I made the mistake initially to not crimp in three spots first which I will now do thanks to your kindly advise.

    I'll keep you posted here for results.

    Thank you again

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    Just curious how the attempt went?

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