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New firearms and ordnance forum

Article about: Please now post reletaed subjects in this new forum: Firearms and ordnance - War relics forum- Military history. WW1 and WW2 military collecting, relics, archeology Cheers, Ade.

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    I'm not a big gun colletor I have a few for shooting,but liveing in one of the states with to most stuiped laws about gun ownership.You have to have a room only for guns all guns must be tie or chain down and ammo must be stored so as you can not put the 2 together if you need to.Duh!!! do you thing I'm going to do all of that Hell NO.Anyway the one gun I think anyone would like to see is my OSS 12ga one shoot zip shoot gun used in the island's it' neat breaks down to load no working parts just a fix fireing pin you have to slam the 2 halves together to set it off.My Father in Law told me thay islandder called them a pole teik and would use them to kill Jap soilders in order to obtain there guns,pass it to the next guy so he would be abel to get his and so on.I will have to get a pick of this item like so many other thing from my collection out to you all .Thanks Darrell


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