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Restored and run. T-35 A heavy tank of the RKKA

Article about: Great video thanks for sharing!...

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    Great video thanks for sharing!...

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    Most of these tanks meet the war without the ammo and low in fuel. The T 35 A is a last one, the Finnish is a usual T 35.
    As I know, the enthusiasts who works in the Kubinka museum are repaired them for free. This is their last work, and now it' s being moved to the full restoration and repaint

    my Skype: warrelics

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    And a job well done it is.

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    Hats off to those mechanics that are donating their time for this project.

    What a trip !! Very cool !!

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    So nice to see these old war wagons preserved and running.........!


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    Fantastic!!! I wish I could drive it. Here are some of the specifications for the T35 50-Ton Heavy Tank, USSR WW2
    In Production 1933-39

    Crew 9 to 11 men

    Purpose: To provide increased strength to Soviet soldiers facing a breakthrough and to strengthen attacks on strongpoints.
    Notable features:
    5 Turrets; 2 armed with 1 machine gun each and 3 cannon, one armed with 7.62 MM and 2 armed with a 45mm cannon each. Onboard ammo: 7.62 96 HE + 45mm, 220 HE.

    Armor: The armor plate was effective against only infantry small arms fire. The three turrets, hull sides, and rear were 20mm. The front was 30mm. An armored skirt protected the suspension system.

    Ground pressure: The specific mean ground pressure, 65# psi, was relatively small for a tank of this type.

    Dimensions: length 9.72m/32 ft. Height 3.43m/10ft 6 in. Width 3.2 m/10.5 ft. Ground Clearance.53m/1.7 ft.

    The T35 had serious drawbacks: thin armor and its large dimensions with its insufficient maneuverability, it was too slow, and mechanically unreliable, including transmission failures and jammed tracks.
    .Suspension: the T35 had coil suspension, also known as the so-called “dead track suspension” in which the track rippled and flapped as it passed over the support rollers. When underway, the track looked like it was on the cusp of being thrown off. The road wheels and support rollers were rubber-clad, following the lead of T.C. Christy. The suspension was protected by armored skirts.

    I.G. Andronnikow und W.D. Mostowenko. Die Roten Panzer: Geschichte der sojetischen Panzertruppen,1920-1960. München: J.F. Lehmanns Verlag, 1963, 225-28.
    I apologize for the botched translations involving European measurements. Dwight

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    Fantastic to see this beast in running condition.

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