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Restored and run. T-35 A heavy tank of the RKKA

Article about: Great video thanks for sharing!...

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    Default Restored and run. T-35 A heavy tank of the RKKA

    The last of the Mogicains. The famous heavy Soviet tank T-35. Practically all of them has been destroyed or lost in the first days of the operation Barbarossa


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    I didn't know that there was an operational one left. I love these tanks, as they are so ridiculously over armed. Only other surviving example that I know of is at the Parola Tank Museum in Finland. Thanks for sharing Dimas!

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    Really nice buddy.

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    Brilliant. Thanks for posting Dimas.
    I was in the same camp as Aleksander on these in that I thought that they were all destroyed either due to enemy action or by their crews before being abandoned.

    Regards etc
    Ian D

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    Interesting. Thanks for posting.

    IIRC I saw one of these ungainly tanks at Kubinka (supposed to be in running condition).

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    This is the one from Kubinka.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Thanks, Ade.

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    she must have been the battleship of tanks originally.

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    A good link Dimas , what a monster , but a rather large target !

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    ......initial phases of Op Barbarossa must have been a shooting gallery.

    Speaking of large targets - KV2:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Restored and run. T-35 A heavy tank of the RKKA   Restored and run. T-35 A heavy tank of the RKKA  

    Restored and run. T-35 A heavy tank of the RKKA  

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