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SA Buckles orig?

Article about: Hi guys! This is my old purchase I was sure that she was original but I want to know your opinion!

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    Default SA Buckles orig?

    Hi guys! This is my old purchase I was sure that she was original but I want to know your [/ATTACH]SA Buckles orig?SA Buckles orig?SA Buckles orig?SA Buckles orig?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA Buckles orig?   SA Buckles orig?  

    SA Buckles orig?  
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    For myself at least, I think that the buckle shown here is not only perfectly original, however is a spectacular example by the overall condition.

    Whilst there is no fully direct image of the roundel, perhaps the design of the eagle and swastika is that sometimes attributed to Assmann. No other reason for this affiliation other than a known image of the same in a period catalogue. I really do not know if this design was exclusive to Assmann, although it is possible. It is also possible that Assmann produced this almost generic roundel to be sold on to others involved in assembly from bought in component parts. Anyway and on a personal note, I really do not think that this is an overly important aspect, although I am aware that some collectors like to put a manufacturers name to their buckles and why not I ask myself.

    Does the obverse of the brass box display gilding? Appears as such from my side and if so, a deluxe buckle which the original purchaser paid a premium price for. This finish is sometimes referred to as fire gilding, however I do not know if this hazardous and mercury based process was actually employed. There are of course multiple forms of gilding and again, I do not know the favoured application in Germany during the 1920's and 1930's.

    Why select a buckle with gilding? The SA-Mann was required to take care of his uniform and this may come as a shock to the purists, in that the brass box to his buckle was expected to be clean. I do not think that it would be well received if the SA-Mann was to decline this simple military discipline on the basis that by doing so, he would be taking away the patina that gave character and spoke history. The buckle had to be worn clean! In relation to the splendid deluxe buckle as the subject of this post, cleaning was effectively achieved by a light wipe over, rather than undertaking abrasive polishing. In addition and in my opinion, the lustre on a gilded buckle is aesthetically more attractive than polished brass.

    Regards and best wishes,

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    I must agree David, a great example. The condition is fantastic

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    The buckle lay with the pensioner and after it was sold to me!

    SA Buckles orig?

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    a very nice buckle from unknown maker .

    IMO it has nothing to do with the design of Assmann.

    Nice to see a buckle with this mint finish ...........

    Here a example , typical made by Assmann with marking :

    SA Buckles orig?SA Buckles orig?SA Buckles orig?
    Regards ,

    I'm searching for
    Buckles 3.Reich

    special SA/NSKK/NSFK with maker marks

    Link to my collection :

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    Quote by yellow12 View Post
    ...IMO it has nothing to do with the design of Assmann...
    On reflection, I totally agree and Mea Culpa.

    Regards and best wishes,


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