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Inscribed ED Wusthof Solingen OE SA Dienstdolch for consideration - A real rarity?

Article about: Hello, Yet another SA dagger is being offered my way. This is from the same estate as the Luftwaffe dagger I posted in another thread today. I don't know the seller personally and I know the

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    Better close up photos of the engraving are needed. But it seems to me, it is the work of two different hands. As Finngaill points out there are differences in the font style of the numbers, in fact all 3 sets of numbers across the crossguard have slight differences. That suggests to me they weren't engraved at the same time, or possibly by two, perhaps 3 different engravers. How that might fit with the claimed history, i'll leave others to work out.

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    Quote by Frogprince View Post
    I tried to enlarge the images to get a better sense of the dagger. My first impression being that it might be rotary engraved. Or maybe not??? Can we get some much better images? Best Regards, Fred
    Hi Fred, I've asked the seller for better lit, close up photos. Hopefully she will be able to provide them. Not being able to touch the thing is very frustrating, and risky.

    The name to me looks to be a different technique than the dates for sure. Closer photos should help. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your input.


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    Hi all, Got some more close up photos from the seller. Gives a better perspective on the depth of the engraving certainly. Curious to hear what you all think.

    I think at the moment I'll like approach valuing the dagger assuming the engraving was done post war. As mentioned before, it sounds like the engraving wouldn't be much of a bump to value anyhow?

    Thanks to all who have responded and shared their opinions on this. I deeply appreciate the help.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Inscribed ED Wusthof Solingen OE SA Dienstdolch for consideration - A real rarity?   Inscribed ED Wusthof Solingen OE SA Dienstdolch for consideration - A real rarity?  

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    Hi Sam..wait for Fred and Anderson to reply to the photos you posted.

    Its still a great dagger because of that Gruppe mark and as seen in the link I provided there is alot of history in those 2 small letters.
    Hang tight ..its still the New years weekend,,they will be along shortly.

    Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    The numbers on the lower crossguard are all engraved with a hand held graver. I would say two different hands engraved the central numbers (25907) and the two dates on the outer edges. That might suggest they were done at different times. The name on the pommel piece is also hand engraved. The marks are constant with engraving in the 1930's. The Oe mark is stamped.

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    Anderson, Thank you sharing your expert eye on this. Certainly seems like this is a dagger with a story to tell. Hopefully I can come to a deal with the seller and add it to my collection soon. Thanks again!


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    The lower engravings are handstiched in the way that was common at that time, the upper engraving is done differently but imo looks also period.
    The way they were made indicate that they could be period made.
    To have an Oe marked Wüsthof is very nice, as these are hard to find, a bit pity that the blade isnt in that great condition, but its a great piece of history, already pointed out in the above replies.


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    Fantastic dagger, and period done.

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