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opinions on this SA dagger

Article about: I know someone that wants to sell me this dagger, there is no scabbard and he wants \\$400.00 USD

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    Default opinions on this SA dagger

    I opinions  on this SA daggeropinions  on this SA daggeropinions  on this SA daggeropinions  on this SA daggerknow someone that wants to sell me this dagger, there is no scabbard and he wants $400.00 USD

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    for 0.00 USD take it

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    what would be a reasonable price to pay?

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    I have some reservations, tinley. First of all, the quality is not typical for Haenel . The cross guard to grip fit, especially the upper, is poor. It might be the bad pictures, but that's how it looks to me. I also have a problem with the blade to lower cross guard fit. Maybe it's just loose, but there's a gap that you don't normally see with this manufacturer. Better pictures would help a lot. From what I can see, it would not be for me. Check some of the other Haenel examples on the dagger forum here, and you'll see the differences. Here's one you can compare it to. SA Ehrendolch Partial Rohm by Haenel

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    Better photos are definitely needed to be able to give any kind of qualified opinions here. It does look as if it is all very loose, but if it's Not, then that would not be good. The nut does not look scarred, but this could simply mean that they used a proper size wrench to loosen it. A rule of thumb, however, is that blurred pictures generally are not a good sign. If a person seriously wants to sell something decent, why would they send out hazy photos?

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    Absolutely agree with todays technology.... cell phones and small cameras easily found at Walmart now over 12 mgpixels..can provide a photo of decent detail in low light conditions. I would not buy that dagger for $200...without decent photos I would not be willing to gamble my money away..when $300-400 can get a decent HJ knife. looking at the blurred is a parts dagger..unless solid detail can be provided to contradict otherwise. Regards Larry
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    Blade looks to have heavy spotting too, as others have said, better photos are essential.

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    just a little advice:I would not buy this one.
    IMO its not the Original Suhl Haenel grip.
    Haenel has a perfect fit relating to the guards angle and the wood, i mean where guards meet the grip bottom and top.
    Im not talking about wood skrinking, that Always happends at the sides ( shoulders of the grip) and will surely not affect the angle.
    This grip does not have the right angle to the guards.
    Blade is heavily polished, so this would be not one i would buy.

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