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SA Gruppe marks known to Dagger Producers and Manufacturers

Article about: Below is a compilation of Dagger producers and their Gruppe mark designation to help identify the districts that the “Early” SA dagger was distributed to. To date, this is an updated list of

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    Hi all...i have this Eickhorn dagger with only O on the numbered crossguard...could it be' Oe?
    Many thanks
    SA Gruppe marks  known to Dagger Producers and Manufacturers

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    Circuit advertisement SA Gruppe marks  known to Dagger Producers and Manufacturers
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    Hi JCR ...could you start a separate thread in the SA dagger forum and show the whole dagger including the markings found inside the crossguards.
    I can not just add a gruppe mark that is not known to Eickhorn unless we see the whole dagger.

    Right away ..for an Eickhorn dagger..there is too much of a gap where the blade shoulders meet the guards. Start a separate thread please

    @ Luca...I do not see anything that would point that the dagger you are showing that was an Oe gruppe mark. I do not see any hint at all if ever there was an "e" next to that O or the number zero for that matter.
    If you look inbetween the lower number seeing what could be remnants of a letter "H" ..which would fit as an Eickhorn SA gruppe mark.

    Regards Larry
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