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How should I go about doing this? My future in Archaeology?

Article about: Hi everyone I'm Harvey and 15 y/o, My dream is to become a battlefield archaeologist in Estonia or Latvia, anywhere really where a battle was fought during WW2 or WW1. I love history and it

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    Default How should I go about doing this? My future in Archaeology?

    Hi everyone I'm Harvey and 15 y/o,
    My dream is to become a battlefield archaeologist in Estonia or Latvia, anywhere really where a battle was fought during WW2 or WW1. I love history and it is my passion, but my dream has an inconvenience, I'm not very good at maths or English, and the current subject in history isn't to do with war at all, so I might not do great in that either . So what qualifications do I need to be able to become a battlefield archaeologist. And how do I go about it? Any help is appreciated guys.
    Over and out

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    Hi Harvey, I would of thought this is not easy at all- there must be very few people who earn a living as a battlefield archaeologist. But I would certainly think you would need to be doing well at history at school, and going on to study archaeology at university. You may need to do further post graduate study beyond that. In the meantime you could also be looking to do unpaid work experience in museums.

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    I could do, that would help me a lot and look good on my CV, what about volunteering to do digs, and have a full time job as well, is that possible?

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    Finish secondary school.

    Go to University and study Archeology. Then apply that knowledge to military history and known battlefields.

    Learn what the laws are in the countries where you decide to work in and apply for any necessary permits to dig.

    Associate and communicate with those in the fields of your interest.

    Always be honest with those that you deal with but be aware there are always dishonest folks about.

    It will take time and hard work. Keep your goals in your thoughts and be willing to work hard to achieve them.

    And yes you can do voluntary digs. There are always vetted groups, especially Universities that need volunteer workers. You will find ads in Archeology magazines for volunteers. AND you will always meet ladies at them.

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    Oh my god, thank you Steve,met hats really helped me!
    I know exactly what to do now. I've always liked history but there's not many jobs for it, now I wouldn't be a teacher as the kids would get on my tits, and a tour guide, well I'm not clever enough basiclally!

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    I would add, that you'd best learn about dealing with unexploded ordnance and toxic substances such as poison gas, etc as well as the proper techniques and methods of excavating delicate remains and relics without inadvertently damaging or destroying them in the process. This would entail, I would imagine, going out with licensed and sanctioned diggers on professional excavations and assisting and observing. If you are going to be in a University and studying Archeology, no doubt this would be one of the best ways to do this.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I've always wanted to go out to a foreign country with archaeologists and watch and assist as they excavate the ground, somewhere like Estonia or Latvia,I think ? But who'd want to take a 15 y/o, are there any programs or projects that I can get involved in or do I just have to know the right people ?

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    If your on Facebook can I suggest you join the group ' Modern conflict Archaeology ' . From time to time groups advertise for volunteers however you will need to age a couple of years I think.

    You will really need a relevant qualification. I would start off by concentrating on History which will assist if you apply for a archaeology course at University.

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    Yes that sounds good. I'll join that group now, if I have to age I can wait, if not, winner winner. I think having history as an A-Level and having been on battlefield excavations will help me when it comes to doing a Uni course.

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    I notice you mention the east of Europe, is that because you want to go and dig up German helmets etc...?

    Most archaeologists dig wherever they can get the work, few can be that choosy unless you do very well at uni, get a phd and so on, though many of the groups that dig WWI in Belgium for instance are staffed by volunteers, so that's the way to go, work a normal job and do some volunteer work during your holidays. Also you might consider paying to join one of the groups that run archaeology tours in the east whilst such are still allowed, as sooner or later such activity will be banned except by accredited professionals with research agenda's that have been approved by the local authorities in those countries.

    Archaeology can be the best thing you can do, but it is also the worst, stood in a wet muddy hole in the middle of winter which is filling up with water quicker than you can get it out, hands freezing, feet wet, some ahole hassling you to hurry up, poor wages, living in a different room from one week to the next, unable to get a mortgage because your wages are sporadic, relationships don't last because you're never home and always skint when you are.

    I used to love it but you might not and I often don't any more. Mind you I am working from home writing up a bronze age barrow cemetery, so its not all bad all of the time. That said, my contract is up in two weeks and I might be out of work for days or weeks, who knows!


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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