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Magnet fishing

Article about: Hi Fancied trying out some magnet fishing but where to start??? Lots of battle sites here in Eastern Germany but also lots of rivers and lakes in the middle of these sites. Any suggestions o

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    Unwanted souvenir is a common reason. The generation that went to most wars are now passing on and the relatives upon finding said prize grenade just want rid with minimum fuss. Not realising that this removal is exactly what we do, they however in ignorance carry out a 'shallow water dump' in the local canal. Which is illegal.

    As for the term legally deac'd that does not exist. To inert any ammunition, (even SAA) is classed as the illegal modification of ammunition and can lead to imprisonment. There are very few people who can state something is inert in the Uk likewise in most nations. And all here are Military or Gov't and fully trained to do so. Anyone else stating 'Inert' is just blowing hot air as they are unable to state that. Yes I see it regularly and on occasion have taken great pleasure when finding residual explosives in having the so called self appointed expert charged accordingly!

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    With respect to the law in Germany. Dredging with a Magnet is considered damaging to waterways and as such only after written Application and as such with local council approval "legal". That said they will blow your Magnet with your Grenade so so be sure to bring a spare or three.
    Yes. Speaking from experience

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    Quote: "That said they will blow your Magnet with your Grenade so so be sure to bring a spare or three."

    The same in Uk Teck! If 10%'ers wish to risk their lives then so be it, but the Uk operators will not.

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    I went magnet fishing once...

    I caught a Steelhead Trout hahaha, I’m hilarious

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    Quote: "I went magnet fishing once...

    I caught a Steelhead Trout hahaha, I’m hilarious"

    See the previous page! Watchdog even gave us a picture!!

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    Well, no magnets or fishing involved here just a big unsubtle JCB digger! but to put the whole thing in context just look how this crap just keeps turning up even when nobody is actually looking (fishing) for it!

    Exeter WW2 bomb detonated after homes evacuated - BBC News

    Based on the description and the picture given could this be an SC1000?

    I expect the students living nearby think it is a real hassle getting evacuated. After all it's just old wartime garbage right? They would put it in the student bar if they could lift it I bet It's not as if it is anything modern or anything ist it?

    I wouldn't want to hit it with my shovel, old or not

    All I can say is praise be for EOD



    PS Check the video and bear in mind that this was a "controlled" demolition. Much less of an eruption than if the device had gone off on it's own!! Now, back to the issue of randomly pulling unexploded bombs out of the water on a string
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    "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares more about than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature with no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

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    Unfortunately it's not just the old and purportedly decrepid that gets found in water. I recall an incident not so long ago in the Rhine where a Swiss Jet had jettisoned a 500lb bomb and it turned up again a very long time after everyone had forgotten about it... Hit that with a shovel!

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    Looks like an SC1000, any business doing replacement windows in Exeter will be busy now!

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    I shall get the details of it tomorrow. That did not look like a SC1000 high ordering. Teck what think you? PM sent.

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    Either Low Order, 500 tonnes of sand or ze Germans had Run out of tnt
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