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Meteal detecting in Netherlands : concrete infos about Laws.

Article about: Hi guys, Cheers from Italy :-) I usually hunt, restore and collect WW1 relics, mainly Italian, Austrian and German Empire in north italy mountains (And I totally love it). In July I will rel

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    Question Meteal detecting in Netherlands : concrete infos about Laws.

    Hi guys,

    Cheers from Italy :-)
    I usually hunt, restore and collect WW1 relics, mainly Italian, Austrian and German Empire in north italy mountains (And I totally love it).
    In July I will relocate in Netherlands and I suppose it will be a very long stay (many years) so... Passion is a passion and I don't think I will quit metal detacting at all

    I performed many searches over the web, but I'm not able to find a clear and complete description about laws concerning metal detecting in Netherlands.

    Anyone could help me?

    My best and gratz for the forum, it's pretty good!

    And...A little sample of my collection (With a little intruder... Find It!)

    Meteal detecting in Netherlands : concrete infos about Laws.

    My best


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    I would recommend you to contact a serious dutch metal detector club. I do not have any adresses sadly, but maybe some internet investigations can be of help.

    Best of luck.

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    Totally Illegal in NL!

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    Thanks for you reply.
    Maybe you're right, but I'm used to verify evrything by Law.
    Can you poit out your source?

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    Metal detecting without the necessary permissions is illegal in the Netherlands.
    The gates of hell were opened and we accepted the invitation to enter" 26/880 Lance Sgt, Edward Dyke. 26th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers , ( 3rd Tyneside Irish )

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    Perfect. I'm not able to find any information (official informations, laws) regarding this topic.
    Here in Italy is forbidden too is you ask to people, but if you read the laws you'll discover that's not correct.

    Any Netherland user may help?

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    Quote by Paul D View Post
    Metal detecting without the necessary permissions is illegal in the Netherlands.
    Can you point out wich kind of permission is required and who is able to relase it?

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    This is what I found on the Internet about metal detecting in the Netherlands.
    But if all is correct? Maybe indeed some Dutch collector can "jump in" and verify!

    Wetgeving metaaldetectie Nederland

    In Nederland is het toegestaan om met een metaaldetector rond te lopen op openbare plaatsen. Wel is het verboden om gericht te zoeken en te graven op plekken die gemarkeerd zijn als archeologische plekken.
    In alle andere gevallen moet u toestemming hebben van de landeigenaar om het terrein te mogen betreden. Het is verboden om zonder vergunning of toestemming van de eigenaar / overheid te graven naar archeologische vondsten of sporen mits men zich aan de normaal geldende regels houdt. (Global translation: in the Netherlands it is allowed to walk around with a metal detector in public places. It is however forbiden to search and dig at marked archaeological spots. Wiith all occasions one needs permission from the owner of the land to set foot onto the area. It is forbidden to dig without a permit or permission for archaeological finds or traces, or only when one meets the valid rules)

    Let er op dat in een aantal plaatsen een algemeen verbod van toepassing is voor het gebruik van metaaldetectoren. Check altijd de Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening (APV) als u twijfelt of informeer bij de gemeente waar u wilt gaan zoeken naar de APV. Plaatsen zoals Nijmegen en Arnhem hebben een algemeen verbod voor het gebruik van een metaaldetector ivm veel achtergebleven munitie en explosieven uit de tweede wereldoorlog die nog altijd op bepaalde onder de grond liggen. (Be aware that in some spots/places/cities the use is forbidden. Check the General Local order and if doubting inform at the local authority where you do intend to search. Cities as Nijmegen and Arnhem have a general prohibition for the use of a metal detector, due to the fact there are left behind ammunition and explosives from WWII, still be around)

    Globally said: one needs practically always a permit or permission and there will be more areas (as Arnhem) where it will be forbidden, due to the battles that took place there!

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    Hi man,
    I finally found how thing run in Netherlands.
    Basically you've to check avery time the "APV", a sort of municipal rule system, that is obviously different from every town/area.

    Metal detecting is allowed, but outside archaeological areas and outside the main WW2 battlefields (that requires a specific permission).

    To check an ipotetical area, you've to search in Google APV+City name+Metal detector and you will get the document.



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    hi mattia

    good luck with your detecting hobby while you are in the netherlands
    normally if you ask the landowner if its oke to surtch on his land it is not a problem !
    you indeed need to keep those rules in mind witch you found it can give you a really good headache when you ignore the APV`s

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