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My first K98 and huge amounts to learn.!!!

Article about: Hi everyone so after a decade of collecting M1 Helmets I decided to cross over into the ww2 Wehrmacht world. It's very fasinating but scary too,i'm just glad to know there's so many of you h

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    Default My first K98 and huge amounts to learn.!!!

    Hi everyone so after a decade of collecting M1 Helmets I decided to cross over into the ww2 Wehrmacht world.
    It's very fasinating but scary too,i'm just glad to know there's so many of you here to help and guide novices like me along a bit.
    So here's my first K98 the pics are the sellers (not great).
    So it's a 1936 code S/245 for Jetter U.Scherer Tuttlingen.
    the scabbard is by E.u but the rest is worn I have a couple of questions firstly is it common to see unmatched sets?as most this UK seller has seem to be unmatched,also the screw heads look interferred with like screwdriver damage would this be cause for concern.?like i said I'm really new and there's so much to understand and take in.thank you all for time regards Jake.
    Are there any of you based in the UK and have you purchased oversea's or is it just not worth the hassle,with customs etc.just touching base.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My first K98 and huge amounts to learn.!!!   My first K98 and huge amounts to learn.!!!  

    Attached Images Attached Images My first K98 and huge amounts to learn.!!! 

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    You came to the right place ...and you will get the answers you need. The bayo guys will be along shortly.

    Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    It looks like a nice bayonet. The scabbard screw has been replaced at some point IMHO but you would need to take a pic of the screw head. It is the most common to find these unmatched. A matched set is less than 10% of what you will find in the US, not sure about the other side of the pond. A matched set is the US in good condition will go +/- $200 and a mismatched set +/- $150 in my area. Condition of the item drives the price more than matching IMHO. I would be happy to own a nice mismatched set vs a matched set in poor condition. I have a couple of each types in good condition. I do not know about shipping blades from overseas and specifically which countries allow them. It might be worth it if prices are cheap in the UK and they are able to ship.

    I found this website that has some good information.

    Guide of the M1884-98 III Bayonet aka "K98 bayonet"


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    If I see it correctly, is there an aluminum rivet on the side of the scabbard.

    Then it is an S84/98, which was further used and modified in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) / East-Germany after 1945.

    Which doesn't surprise me. In addition to the ALU rivets, the serial numbers do not match, the Bakelite handles are not part of the production time. This comes from the fact that the S84/98 were completely dismantled and reassembled without regard to belonging.

    The bayonet was used in the Wehrmacht in 1945, but now it is an S84 / 98 of the East-German "Kasernierten Volkspolizei" - barracked people's police - , the "Deutsche Volkspolizei" - German People's Police -, "Grenzpolizei" - Border Police - or the "Betriebskampgruppen der Arbeiterklasse" Factory Combat Tropps of the Working-Class - ... a communist, so to speak.

    Here I have made an overview:

    The bayonets of the GDR - Part 1 - the S84/98

    What is interesting here is the heavily worn condition.
    So far I only knew them fresh from the arsenal.

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    It does look like the domed alloy rivet seen with post war refurbished DDR bayonets, but oddly it has not been re-blued and the flashguard seems to be, original. These were usually replaced with the stamped "waffle" ones.

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    Maybe, CSSR issue ?

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    As seen the piece was heavily refurbished, the grips should be wood for 1936 bayonet, S.245 as decoded corectly, the scabbard is E.u.F.Hoerster 1939 most real. the alu rivet was used by GDR normally, could be so mixed in various east countries, i dont see any link to CSR.

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    CSSR has nothing to do with it.

    As described in the link, the Fleshguards were smooth or with a "waffle pattern".
    But even the smooth ones are sanded off and re-blued.


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    Of course a lot IMO depends on the price vs condition equation - for the thread starter bayonet it certainly is not the worst that I've seen, but it might be advisable to wait a little bit for a better example because the pandemic is easing up some, and shows are starting to appear in some areas. Of course a lot also depends on where you live. That said, my very sincere compliments to Sleepwalker for the link to the thread which is the best that I have on the GDR bayonets that would fit nicely with the other items that are seen from there. Best Regards, Fred

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    very nice.

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