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13 July 1943

Article about: Hello everyone, I just received my tobacco box yesterday and I just decided to make a little display about a future project that i want to make (a tankman during the battle of Kursk in July

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    Default 13 July 1943

    Hello everyone,

    I just received my Portsigar yesterday and I just decided to make a little display about a future project that i want to make (a tankman during the battle of Kursk in July 1943).

    The plain in front of him is full of black smoke, wrecked and abandoned tanks, the harsh sounds of the battle let the place of a rare quiet moment ...
    13 July 1943

    Our tankman take a little rest after the last checking on the engine of his t34/76 mod43 and take the time to smoke a little cigarette and read the last newspaper in company of his crews and the frontovik on their side ...
    13 July 1943

    On the 3th pages he saw a nice picture of a complete KV-1 crew, that's remember him the first time with his own crew during Stalingrad that was the baptism of fire for his comrades and him ... our man is a veteran recently awarded for his efficiency with a red banner order but ... he know that the battle of Kursk will be another terrible chapter of this war ... the German push hard but the lines of defenses hold still ... for how long ... ?
    He don't have the time to finish his cigarette, transmission coming from the HQ ; "Stukas has been seen, prepare to repulse another attack !" ...

    13 July 1943

    Just a little text for make that display a little bit more "alive" ! Hope you like.

    The Portsigar is engrave with the words "for the motherland !", "for Stalin !" above and below the tank we can read "In memory of the battle of Stalingrad".
    The newspaper is from 13 July 1943.
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    Very nice display.

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    Excellent, Arthur!

    The tobacco box
    "Портсигар"/ "Portsigar"

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    Thanks everyone !

    I will correct that, Michael

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    Hi Arthur, can you show me the inside of your cigarette paper?

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    Hi Wadim,

    Sure !
    13 July 1943

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    The thing is, I talked to a Russian RKKA collector from Tula, and he said, that these kind of papers were made postwar, in the 50s and 60s or later.

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    I honestly don't know that come from a well known stock I can't tell if it's a good ww2 model, but thanks !

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    I like the "з прогресс" (for progress) гаечный ключ (spanner) very much. Never seen such a type before. Do you have any info about its background, Arthur?

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    "з прогресс" mean "plant "Progress"

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