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Mess Kit signed "DICK"

Article about: Trophy M31 mess kit of Red Army soldier signed "DICK"

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    Wink Mess Kit signed "DICK"

    Trophy M31 mess kit of Red Army soldier signed "DICK"

    Mess Kit signed "DICK"

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    Circuit advertisement Mess Kit signed "DICK"
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    You translated the word with Google Translate I suppose?
    I think the letters represent an initial. Initials are often encountered on Russian militaria.

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    Mess Kit signed "DICK"

    And here on the left is a rocket, yes?

    I don't need any translator becouse russian is my second language and I well know it.
    And it is a speciffical eastern sense of humor. That mess kit seen many of my friends-collectors from Russia and Ukraine: all of them were laughing and nobody of them were not shocked. And I'm not shocked too. This word means: dick, moron, something bad etc (but the main is that first). It is very popular in russian, ukrainian, belorussian and polish "non-official" and vulgar language.

    And how about "initials"... Show me any russian name which is started on a letter "Х"... Good luck

    PS. I well know about that, that writting surnames or initials on the mess kit or spoons were very popular in the Red Army. Most of these things that I found on the battlefields were signed. But soldiers made each other a jokes like that too.
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