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Ssh-39 Original paint?????

Article about: Looking for expert opinions on this helmet. Stamp and liner looks good to me, but Im not sure if shell paint is original??

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    Default Ssh-39 Original paint?????

    Looking for expert opinions on this helmet. Stamp and liner looks good to me, but Im not sure if shell paint is original??

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    Circuit advertisement Ssh-39 Original paint?????
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    The SSh-39 (LMZ) helmet looks good to me.
    At the start of Operation Barbarossa, many SSh-36 and 39 helmets were captured by the Germans and ended up at the German Luftschutz. These helmets intended for the Luftschutz were painted black on the outside. Black overpainted Luftschutz SSh-39 helmets are often offered for sale.
    What you also see is that handymen try to get off the black paint with remedies such as brake fluid and acetone. They try to get the helmet to its original condition. Sometimes this works well, but sometimes it does not. I have seen examples of SSh-39 helmets that were completely ruined by this.
    When I look at your helmet, I see a black touch over the helmet. At least, that is how it appears in the pictures.
    Your helmet may also be such a modified Luftschutz helmet. The green paint layer on the outside seems original to me.
    Do you see a difference in colour between the inside and the outside of the helmet?

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    Thanks for the reply. Actually it's not in my hands yet I'm considering purchasing it. Slightly hesitant because it's not cheap. The shell paint just looks slightly cloudy when zooming in, not a nice solid color. I don't know maybe it's the picture.

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    I also see a slight black smere over the paint, may be really an ex-overpaint.

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    If you decide to buy the helmet, I would certainly ask for several detailed photos of the outside and the inside of the helmet shell and of the liner.
    The Soviet-helmets website contains a number of examples of Luftschutz used SSh-39 helmets; soviet ssh39 helmets .
    I do not exactly know what the current price is for an equivalent SSh-39 helmet, but if the helmet in the pictures is an edited Luftschutz SSh-39 helmet then it is a helmet that has been tampered with.

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    MAP is online now


    Ask for a close up of the exterior rivets as well. Certainly looks like there could be remnant of black paint in the recessed areas.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Here are a few more pics I have on hand

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    (wrong thread)

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    I like it.

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    Here's mine for a comparison.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ssh-39 Original paint?????   Ssh-39 Original paint?????  


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