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Oh dear… comments ?

Article about: Mint..y Herder SS.. Starting 7000 Eur. Or what ?

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    Default Oh dear… comments ?

    Mint..y Herder SS.. Starting 7000 Eur.

    Or what ?Oh dear… comments ?Oh dear… comments ?

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    Circuit advertisement Oh dear… comments ?
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    From the limited amount to be seen from the photos, I see what looks to be a bad Herder maker mark and a blade with no apparent crossgrain. Aside from that... if it were original I'll take 3 or 4 at $7000 euros.

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    Bad to the bone ???

    I really dont like it !

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    So I found this dagger in the auction inventory at Ratisbon's, and I can say that apart from the maker mark and one tiny issue with the motto etch, the rest of the dagger looks original. However, the Rohm inscription is another ball game and I'm not comfortable with it.

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    Rohm SS daggers are a huge headache and greater photos are needed to see the dedication.
    In person and in hand inspection would be needed before pushing a button and saying goodbye to over $20K US
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    I think its interesting. And i guess it could be a 90 year old timetraveller, i would love to own a full röhm at some point, but its also a minefield to go into.

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