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Double Decal M35 ϟϟ "ϟea Foam Green" Camo

Article about: Here is another of my recent pickups, a fine "sea-foam green" camo DD SS M35 ET lot number 4374 size 68, with the contract Pocher runic and party decals as fitting for the period w

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    Default Double Decal M35 ϟϟ "ϟea Foam Green" Camo

    Here is another of my recent pickups, a fine "sea-foam green" camo DD SS M35 ET lot number 4374 size 68, with the contract Pocher runic and party decals as fitting for the period whence this helmet was manufactured. Components are 1938 dated, with a dome stamp and a name tag formerly glued in the dome lost to history but named to a Koch in the liner. The funny thing is the dealership where I buy my personal and company vehicles at is also named Koch...I wonder if a distant relative LOL. The lot number is also very familiar and I think I owned another 4374 at one time or another.

    The term "sea-foam green" comes from Kelly who owns the Frank helmet in identical colours and I think Ken N owns another in the same colours named as well and both can be traced to Prague. I have not researched the name and do not intend to as the helmet has no unit associated with it. I do not know if this helmet originates from Prague or not, but the colours are the same as Kelly's and Ken's. The paint has a super patination to it which I love.

    Also note the buckle and rivets are blackened out. I've certainly sold and traded a lot more SS than what has come in this year but this one is very unique and as you can see has very nice paint, decals and components so I bit on this one.

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    Circuit advertisement Double Decal M35 ϟϟ "ϟea Foam Green" Camo
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    Doug, I never tire of seeing these beauties!

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    Looks like another mighty fine example to put in the Helmet Hall of Fame!!!

    Semper Fi

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    Hi Doug, a fine looking M35 helmet, the decals are in great order and I like the added touch of the blackened buckle and rivets. Thanks for showing it. Leon.

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    Another great helmet Doug, but if the average surf Nazi hears "sea foam green" THIS is what they think of.

    Cheers, Dan
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Double Decal M35 ϟϟ "ϟea Foam Green" Camo  
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    Thats a beauty.

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    Got to get me something with a Pocher on it, I love those crisp looking runes. Awesome lid Doug.

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    Has anyone here seen one of these in real life, in this configuration? I have and it was in gorgeous condition, like this one.

    First thing you will notice is the paint–it's captivating. This color stands out, especially if its sitting next to other helmets in similar condition.

    Second thing you'll notice (maybe even first) is the goldish metallic luster of the runic Pocher, which the photos do not do justice (no offense Doug).

    Third, is the size! That's one big-azz helmet, so you can't miss it either, lol!

    I had the opportunity about a year ago, and I'll never forget. I want to thank that collector for giving me the oppertunity, as well.

    Very cool and one of the most interesting SS helmets out there.


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