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italian ss ??

Article about: wishful thinking ??

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    Default italian ss ??

    italian ss  ??italian ss  ??italian ss  ??

    wishful thinking ??

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    Default Re: italian ss ??

    i am going to say the decal is no good with it being a common round bottem fake. dont no why the decal on the left side of the helmet?. this would be a m33 but the air vents to this seem strange but might the angle of the image

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    Default Re: italian ss ??

    i think the helmet is a m51- 72 bulgarian helmet broad model

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    Default Re: italian ss ??

    bad decal ,rgds Dave

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    Default Re: italian ss ??

    Bad decal, even to my untrained eyes, and I agree that it's a Bulgarian M51.


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    Default Re: italian ss ??

    Italian SS did not use a decal. This is a common fake. These foreign SS helmets, French, Free Indian, Italian, Croatian, and the Spanish Blue's are typically as fake as a porn stars boobs, a simple look into the SS decal section and some searching on the various fora would reveal this.

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    Default Re: italian ss ??

    This ones such a far fetched peice of fantasy,even George Lucas would struggle to find a home for it.If i were looking to house this one in a dark corner it would have to be in a galaxy very very far away!!

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    Default Re: italian ss ??

    Looks like an authentic M33 Italian helmet tarted up with a fake SS decal.

    The vents are the typical wartime flat variation. Bales are the square wartime type instead if the trapezoidal post war type. Chinstrap is wartime gregioverde leather vs. postwar canvas. Rear of the liner has the Z stitch.

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    Default Re: italian ss ??

    this is a first type m33 the air vents have a sharper hole then the later m33 had more of a rounded edge in the hole. and the join in the liner is no zig zag stich
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture italian ss  ??   italian ss  ??  

    italian ss  ??   italian ss  ??  

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    Default Re: italian ss ??

    the helmet that ive have posted images of here is the same as the fake ss that was posted on here at the start this one is bulgarian m51 72 broad model. the italian m33 did not have this type of air venet.
    Attached Images Attached Images italian ss  ??  italian ss  ??  italian ss  ?? 

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