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M35 DD SS ET Fat Runes

Article about: Yep, I agree, possibly botique. One exception to that possibility is they are widely occuring in early LAH pictures, in many transitional configurations of field grey and black (and actually

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    Default M35 DD SS ET Fat Runes

    I posted this on GHW2 earlier today and thought the WRF members who don't cross pollinate may want to see this rather rare helmet as well.

    This helmet is one of the 2 SS Fat Runes ET 64's Kelly features in the September 2008 Featured Helmets I purchased this helmet shortly after he purchased it from the veteran's family, if I recall correctly, and before he did the feature. My how time flies...

    The helmet is a DD SS ET 64 lot number 3574 well worn and the paint has a very dark patina to it. There are 2 other Fat Runes in the same lot number, with 2 more starting at 3567 making 5 DD M35 FR, a GHW member here has one of them as well. Not much is known about the Fat Runes and there is a period photographs showing Sepp Dietrich wearing a transitional with the Fat Runes, I think it is published in one of the Hicks SS books. This is what Kelly writes about these helmets in his feature online:

    >>>The absolute rarest and possibly most interesting helmet produced for the SS in the model 1935 is the "Fat Runes" type, in the batch number 3567 to 3574. The date of production of these, according to the dome stamps, is 1936, so this is not the earliest SS helmet in the 35 model. There is one example of a 1935 dated ET 64 with factory applied CA Pocher shields, so this is likely the earliest pattern of the new model helmets.

    As for the fat rune, it is truly an anomaly. Why does this runic style appear on these helmets? Were they leftovers during a period when ET ran out of Pochers and needed to fill a contract? Were they "purpose-built" for the LAH? We know that the fat rune shield appears on all types of SS transitional helmets, including civic, fiber RZM, and combat shells.

    There are 5 M-35 Fat Runes helmets known to exist in the world -- as far as I have been able to determine since first knowing about them. I have featured 3 of them in SS Steel and SS Helmets (Beaver / Hicks). With the exception of the one that covered with a reissue finish and outfitted with a refurbished liner, the others feature the exact same characteristics: thin, apple green paint; single ply 1937-dated liner band; blue-green (similar to the 1939 color) liner retaining rivet heads (with the split pins being zinc coated brass themselves); and finally, ET party shields and the Fat Runes decal. One of the helmets is marked to a Totenkopf Standarte, one is from Berchtesgaden, named to a "Dr. Dietrich"; one is marked to the LAH, and two are unattributed.<<<

    Myself I have not found much else about these so I really don't have much to ad to what Kelly wrote. This example has two dents in the dome, and is well worn with a name scratched in the rear of the skirt that I cannot make out any longer due to severe wear.

    I have watermarked the decals to prevent forgery. I am also experimenting with DLSR camera settings manually so I am not totally happy with the photos. I am trying to do the pictures without a photo box but I think a photo box might be necessary. In any case, enjoy one of my favorite SS helmets.

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    Default re: M35 DD SS ET Fat Runes

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    Default re: M35 DD SS ET Fat Runes

    ...and the money shot. If I recall I posted a pic of the Fat Runes in the SS decal reference section. I hope you enjoyed the photo essay of this rare and special helmet.

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    Default re: M35 DD SS ET Fat Runes

    Excellent! What's not to love about that helmet? The fat runes are my favorite runes. No special reason, I just like the look. Great watermark. Took a few moments to find where it was hidden.

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    Default re: M35 DD SS ET Fat Runes



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    Default re: M35 DD SS ET Fat Runes

    a very good m35 et ss rare very rare thanks for showing. great photos too well done. nice to see a good clear photo of the decal to.

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    Default re: M35 DD SS ET Fat Runes

    This is the best helmet I've seen so far in 2013!

    PS: I'm hungry for more! I'd love to see an Austrian transitional with SS runes next, if you're up to it Doug

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    Default re: M35 DD SS ET Fat Runes

    A fine Rare SS lid. Thanks for sharing this beautiful example, Doug. I couldnt afford that if I sold my entire collection!

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    Default re: M35 DD SS ET Fat Runes

    WOW! What a super bit of history!!!! Your going to need another wall soon Doug!

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