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M40 Double Runic SS - ET68 - Lot # 404

Article about: You guys and your double runics... I'd give my left N*% for this. That's why god made two of 'em!

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    MAP is online now


    Quote by helmet2id View Post
    Just went through the thread. Sadly, Eric Zentner is no longer with us, having passed in a terrible car accident a few years ago. Samir has dropped off the face of the earth. Does anyone stay in contact with him? Doug has left the hobby but I still stay in contact with him from time to time. I have been on this forum since 2009! Time has really flown by! Jim G.
    No idea where Samir is. He's dropped off of other forums as well.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Circuit advertisement M40 Double Runic SS -  ET68 - Lot # 404
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    Well i'm glad you re-booted this thread Jim otherwise i'd would never have seen it,what a Beaut indeed.a sight to behold.....

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    Amazing helmet, would never thought that there were examples like that, just curious what was the reason for applying double runes? Was there some sort of regulations demanding it, or was it done by members of the SS themselves?

    With best regards,

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