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SS helmet original or fake?

Article about: Hello, this is an SS helmet, but I don't know if it is original or fake. Can you help me please?

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    MAP is online now


    Doh....I forgot to say that this is trying to be a DD SS M40. That right there is a major red flag (they existed but rare as hens teeth). Any time you see an M40 with double decals (Heer, KM, Luft, SS, excluding Police) be very careful and be extremely sceptical
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Circuit advertisement SS helmet original or fake?
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    Agree with all. Total fabrication

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    Hi, glad you did not pay out for this one as it is total rubbish that does not resemble a period SS helmet in any respect. Leon.

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    Not much to add, except that this is a terrible attempt at an SS helmet. The fella's beard and eyebrows are more convincing.
    I'm glad you didn't purchase it.

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    What ever happened to Doug B haven’t seen him on here in a while?

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    Quote by TheGoon View Post
    What ever happened to Doug B haven’t seen him on here in a while?
    Doug left the forum a couple of years back, i think he is still around over at GHW , but i believe he has had some difficult personal issues recently so that may have changed. Leon.

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