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1st Pattern SS Totenkopf

Article about: That happens alot Mat. If a dealer can't identify or puts off a fake as original it's sometimes difficult to tell if there were nefarious intentions, or they just didn't know. Consistency ov

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    Default 1st Pattern SS Totenkopf

    I'm interested in this skull, but I'd like to check people's opinions first. I have compared it with Friedrich's photos of original examples, and detail seems to match up in my eyes, though they seem perhaps a little less sharp on this piece. I wouldn't condemn it simply due to this though, as I understand production methods led to variation- so I ask the experts. As for the back, with the prongs, I have no idea what they should look like on this kind of Totenkopf.

    As always, your thoughts are appreciated!

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    Default Re: 1st Pattern SS Totenkopf

    Details look soft, pins look dodgy and the whole thing looks cast? Just my opinion but I'd be steering clear.

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    Default Re: 1st Pattern SS Totenkopf

    The soft detail is my main concern also, but then, I'd hate to find I passed on an original for what was legitimate variation in detail. I expect you're probably right, but there's nothing to lose in checking. As for casting, I'm unaware as to how to identify different manufacture methods, something I should probably learn.


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    Default Re: 1st Pattern SS Totenkopf

    OK, heres what little I know.

    I believe the piece should be pressed from a single sheet of thin gauge metal. If so, then you'd expect to see a common thickness of the 'rim' of the piece. What I see is a somewhat thicker section around the right hand bones and around the upper right (2-3 o'clock area) of the skull itself. This to me is a red flag and unless some expert has a different opinion, I'll be standing by my vote of 'no'.

    When you're unsure and the odds of finding a 'variant' as compared to a dodgy fake are so against the variant, any concerns means best save your money and come back to play another day I reckon. Hopefully I'm wrong and you have a gem in your hands.

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    Default Re: 1st Pattern SS Totenkopf

    Thanks for the help, I think you're right. I've reserved this, but not purchased it- if it wasn't for this forum, I'd have a nice collection of fakes by now! I think it's just a case of waiting for others to confirm what you have said, in which case I'll be cancelling that reservation and informing the seller.


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    Default Re: 1st Pattern SS Totenkopf

    Show us a better picture in daylight.

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    Default Re: 1st Pattern SS Totenkopf

    As I've not bought it I'll have to ask the seller for better photos. Anyone able to give a verdict from what you can see here in the meantime?


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    Default Re: 1st Pattern SS Totenkopf

    You'd better wait for better pictures.

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    Default Re: 1st Pattern SS Totenkopf

    Quote by carlsson1982 View Post
    You'd better wait for better pictures.
    Heed Carlsson's warning. He has a very keen eye.


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    Default Re: 1st Pattern SS Totenkopf

    He has been of great help to me before, I respect his advice. I will be sure to ask for better pictures. What seems to make the chances slimmer of this being genuine, is that they listed it at the same time as an eagle insignia that was confirmed here to be fake. I have bought genuine pieces from them before however... it seems the dealer themselves don't know much about these things.


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