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Berlin Hoard Totenkopf

Article about: Hello WarRelics Members, I've come across this Berlin Hoard type Totenkopf. I've been looking for this particular variant for a while now. I'm not someone with a very large budget, And since

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    Quote by Dos View Post
    Thanks for posting these here. Makes the thread a lot more complete for reference. I now remember that i have seen the first photo before.
    I think this pattern has been around for a longtime and we have now accepted them as the Berlin horde type because of a large cache of them being discovered years ago. That does not imply they are all from the so called found hoard, but simply from the same pattern.
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    In my opinion, these two types of skulls were made from the same mold and are die struck.
    the differences is
    1-the material, left zinc skull and probably tombac in right skull.
    2-the way of making the holes in eyes and the nose changed or adapted better to one material than another, hence the difference.

    the left skull is for sale at
    SS Visor Cap Skull, Early Jawless First Pattern | Original German Militaria

    Berlin Hoard Totenkopf

    here is a possible photograph of a Berlin hoard skull but it would take the help of someone who has the original book or photo to see a high resolution scan and confirm it.

    Berlin Hoard Totenkopf

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    Dos is online now


    @another ant, I dont know if i can agree on it that the skull you are showing is from the same die stamp. But it is certainly a similar looking skull. I would be much more comfirtable to having that one in the collection!

    Hope someone owns the book and can scan a high res scan of it here. Thanks for your reply and contributing to this thread.

    Any more opinions on the skull in post #23?

    @Aldo, Yes i learned that thru my search for more information on these skulls. Thank you for correcting me in this.


    Edit: I worked in a factory that makes die stamps and tools. But the diffrence is to big on the eye and nose cavities that could be changed in using different materials.
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    As you can see, the nose and eye holes were made apart from the skull itself, I don't think it is too riski to say that it was able to change the die of holes from one type of skull to another.

    Berlin Hoard Totenkopf

    As I believe that the use of the other type of Berlin hoard skull has already been demonstrated with old photos, I do not think it is very risky to say that this second type was also in use previous and ww2.

    I hope this helps

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    Dos is online now


    Very cool to see and thank you for showing these images here! This made me think more about it...

    The way of how a die stamp works now in the present by automatically feeding material in thru the die stamp on one side and having several sections in it where it makes shapes and cuts. Compared to back then it would probably be easier to make a change while working it depending on the material used. I do agree with you that it is certainly possible!


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