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cap and picture of note.

Article about: by Friedrich-Berthold The Collector's Guild in Canada, aka. Peter Whammond, who I think runs a fine site. i know this site... very well, but i don't find this visor. I see only two black wit

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    Default cap and picture of note.

    Some things from elsewhere. A black cap for sale with Whammond that I think was formerly the property of one of our members, and a nice piece.

    Also a nice image of what may be the guard contingent on the Obersalzberg, but one of you will tell me the names and date of said image.....cap and picture of note.cap and picture of note.

    The cap is NOT CONNECTED to the picture other than in my arbitrary post.

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    Circuit advertisement cap and picture of note.
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    Hi F-B. I have held that cap in my hands many times, and while I have never owned it, it is owned by a good friend of mine who is not a member here and never was. He was briefly a GHW member, but he left active collecting a few years ago.

    When I went to the East Coast last month to visit my good friend and noted Imperial collector Tony of Kaiser's Bunker (for those wondering what Kaiser's Bunker is, it is an impressive website of hi grade Imperial Collectibles with impeccable photography and descriptions, not a dealer site ) and Peter Whammond of the Guild who lives nearby I brought this exact cap with me and handed it to Peter along with the rest of my friends collection who is liquidating it all, leaving collecting permanently it seems. It was mostly Canadian and Brit Airborne and some SS items.

    It is a nice partially restored/repaired cap and priced well IMO.

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    Thanks. Then the cap has a fine pedigree and will make someone happy. It does not have all the marks and tags, but it need not have them at all and still be wholly authentic.

    I see no sin in repairing damaged items, unlike some others who imagine that these things pass through a warp in time into their hot little mitts.
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    The restoration/repair I believe was done by member Arran if I am not mistaken, and was professionally done. If someone here is looking for an authentic early black corps cap and does not wish to break the bank I cannot think of a better example or value for the dollar.

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    Well said. Whammond has some others that are costly. This is a good price to be sure.

    My point: even without all the stamps, marks and such, this is a real cap and a wise collector can recognize it as such.

    - - Updated - -

    We salute member Arran for his many virtues.

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    Funny how these things move around . . . I could be wrong . . . but I believe . . . this may have been in my collection at one time - looking closely at the nicks in the visor, I'd say there is a strong chance.

    One can compare here: Early Allg. SS EM visor . . . . - Militaria Forums

    If so . . . when it was mine . . . the chin strap was different, it had a bad eagle, the lining was a mess, and the tote was in another position - and looks much better now, I say . . .

    Then again, I could be all wrong . . .
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture cap and picture of note.   cap and picture of note.  

    cap and picture of note.   cap and picture of note.  

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    This is the area where the nicks I recognize can be found . . . both caps appear to display the same marks to me.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture cap and picture of note.  

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    I am pretty sure that was it when he got it Mr Wyeth. If I recall he bought it sans eagle and added this eagle from his insignia collection and Arran repaired the interior using the original components. My SS EM/NCO Kepi had issues with thread dissolving holding the brim on and other minor age related issues which he repaired in a similar fashion, professionally and correctly.

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    I recognized the cap because the band and the cap cover are two different types of wool. Thanks.

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    Maybe there's less of this stuff than we think..?

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