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Delich Treasures. Estonian Insignia

Article about: Estonian insignia from the Delich treasures, quite remarkable, indeed.....

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    Never seen, such metal insignia it is incredible thank you FB.

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    Amazing and beautiful, thanks FB, I cannot thank enough the participants and those that contribute to this Site. 30 years ago I had the opportunity to purchase a beautiful Viking Officers tunic that's tabs consisted of a solid metal Viking ship. I was sure it was original and a Viking veteran told me he had seen such insignia yet I let it go because every other collector collegue told me it was unknown and couldn't possibly be original.

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    I've always desired to have one. Extremely nice items!

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    What is this?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Delich Treasures. Estonian Insignia  

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    Seems to be a pre WWII Estonian army item. In 1941-42 Estonians in Wehrmacht troops often used very mixed uniforms. A great thread, never seen so many such items in 1 collection.

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    Thought i'd bump this superb thread !

    Here are some from a well known Estonian collection,Delich Treasures. Estonian Insignia

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    Quote by Paul D View Post
    It is very interesting seeing the different patterns of metal insignia on the collar tabs , only one Btl I /45 was issued these during Feb 1944 as they passed through Tartu ( Dorpat ) on the way to Narva after the fighting at Meerapalu , they were produced in a local Tartu factory . Certainly from the variations seen here and also on contemporary photos other units of 20th Waffen Gren Division der SS must have arranged on seeing these metal E/Sword tabs to have commissioned more versions to be made locally or within the units !!
    Just to add weight to this information , accounts from Estonian veterans suggest that the in Autumn 1943 the Estonians initiated the use of the Cross of Freedom from WW1 , an E under an arm with a sword. as a collar patch instead of SS Runes, this idea came from SS Brigadefuher Johannes Soodla Inspector-General of the Estonian units in German forces .

    These were originally produced from aluminium by the troops ( flares cartridges etc etc ) and although they were completely unofficial the design was also painted onto vehicles , so it would appear that many of the metal designs came into being before the issue of those to I /45 in Tartu in Feb 1944. They werer first used by the Estonian Brigade on the Newel front.

    The Tartu metal design was used , as a stamp was now in existstance by SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Paul Vent to supply the remainder of his Regiment 45 and other units of the Estonian Divison also took up the wearing of the Tartu metal design.

    This information suggests that many of the non standard metal designs ( different to the Tartu issue ) were in fact produced by individuals or units prior to the issue of the 1st pattern Tartu metal design and not after !!

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