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Delich treasures: varia

Article about: A variety of insignia rare and remarkable from the Delich treasure chamber. - - Updated - - I am very partial to the honor titles for Allgemeine SS martyrs in their variety, as they are quit

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    Thanks, dear colleague for this, and so much else. FB

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    Circuit advertisement Delich treasures: varia
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    As always, thanks to Mr. Delich for providing these images and to Friedrich-Berthold for bringing them here.

    I have a question about the "F.S. Sturm 5/I" cuff title on top: Am I right in assuming that it is from the Freiwillige Schutzstaffel, i.e. the Ethnic German A-SS equivalent in Slovakia? If not, what exactly was its use?

    I have never seen one like it; obviously not "in the flesh", but not even in pictures either.

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    great to see when someone is interested in not so common pattern of SS items
    unique and rare
    nice to see

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    Sir. HPL You're Right, F.S. is the Slovak equivalent of the SS, I write just because no one answered you and I recently read a book by David Littlejohn (Foregin Legions of Third Reich) and there are these facts. credits: D.Littlejohn Delich treasures: varia

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