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Dying SS Troops

Article about: Like Bob said, it is extremely difficult to judge anyone from this war; while we sit at our keyboards, in our safe surroundings, with a stomach full of food. It should not be our pleasure to

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    Default Dying SS Troops

    I am on a mission to identify the dying / near death SS troops in the attached footage. Can someone please tell me what unit these men are from and if you know anything about the massacre. The uniforms I can't identify. It appears they have been stripped of rank and insignia. Warning: extremely graphic. US Army Footage Film - May 8, 1945

    Link is here:

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    Some troops seen marching alongside the vehicles and horse drawn field kitchens are POA (Russian Army of Liberation). The armshields can be seen on some uniforms.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Were these men beaten to death?

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    I suspect so.

    A scene that was repeated alongside many roads all across Europe in the spring of 1945.

    Some of the film I recognised from the "Wolrd at War". The attractive girl who was no doubt raped and beaten stuck in my mind.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    I have seen men shot in iraq, blown up also, but to be beaten to death like this is no way for any soldier to die, SS or otherwise. I suppose such was life and still is

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    yep...very sad footage. It was the same everywhere all around Europe those days.

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    Did anyone notice the low quarter boots some of them were wearing as well as putees? I don't know postiively if this is a "dress rule" or not? but those to me indicate that some of those men were SS Gebirgejagers. Also, I noticed a mix of Army and LW personnel as well. Some still had on collartabs as well as specialty insignias.

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    Along these same lines, I discovered a site in Czech that dealt with a Waffen-SS unit surrendering in the town of Beloves. The site was in Czech, so I couldn't understand what actually happened, but it appeared some SS men surrendered to the townsfolk, and the remainder tried to leave on Hetzers, and were massacred by the Soviets. I only have these pics remaining. This one is the beginning of the exodus by the Hetzer element:
    Attached Images Attached Images Dying SS Troops 

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    Default Re: Dying SS Troops

    Here another detachment is surrendering to the townsfolk:
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    These SS men are cutting off their insignia after having surrendered:
    Attached Images Attached Images Dying SS Troops 

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