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Gestapo ID

Article about: It is bad for the reasons Templehof gave......... !

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    Question Gestapo ID

    Is it fake or original? Help me please! I found it in Estonia. How much does it cost in euros?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Gestapo ID   Gestapo ID  

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    Default Re: Gestapo ID

    Most of these you see are fakes, though I am unable to comment on this one with any authority.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Gestapo ID

    here is a good one for comparison
    Attachment 392330
    Attachment 392331

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    Default Re: Gestapo ID

    this is a fake.

    the font of both the letters and numerals is incorrect as is the underlining of the numerals.

    on the other side, the eagle's head and other details are wrong.

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    Default Re: Gestapo ID

    how mutch my helmet in euros.

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    your helmet?

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    Default Re: Gestapo ID

    how euros this fake.

    - - Updated - -

    this gestapo id sorry.

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    i am no wery good speak english.

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    Default Re: Gestapo ID

    oh i see. it's not your english. that's fine. you just were thinking about your helmet when you wrote this.

    i don't know what the value of a copy of a Gestapo warrant disc would be. but i would imagine that it would not be much. very little. someway may come along who knows whether anyone would even buy a copy.

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    Default Re: Gestapo ID


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