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Kragenspiegel SS-TV

Article about: Dear all, one simple question: Has the Kragenspiegel (collar mirror/patch - sorry for my english) of the SS-Totenkopfverband ever or always been made by RZM licensed workshops? thank you

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    The RZM Mitteilungsblatt issue is number 23, August 17, 1935, page 3.
    I have no idea what the Kaienburg reference refers to when it says the Verwaltungsamt-SS was independent of the RZM from 1935. They were always separate organisations with the VA-SS being part of the SS-Hauptamt and the RZM an NSDAP office supplying material to all the party organisations.
    The SS-TV items would bear the standard RZM tag of the manufacturer. The system worked as follows:
    An SS-TV unit would order items through its Verwaltungsfuehrer from the Verwaltungsamt-SS. The VA-SS would place the order with an RZM approved manufacturer who would deliver the finished order back to the VA-SS who would then supply them to the unit.

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    dear D'alquen

    thank you for the detailed information and the complete reference to MBl.d.RZM.

    here are the pages I was refering to (Kaienburg, Die Wirtschaft der SS, 2003, S. 124)

    i can translate the important passage if you want Kragenspiegel SS-TV

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    Thank you for posting the page HussarII,
    Now I see what you were referring to earlier. The Verwaltungsamt-SS was being made independent of the RZM in the spring of 1935 only in the sense that it was the SS procurement department (Beschaffungsamt) within the RZM that was being dissolved and brought into the SS structure. Obviously the RZM continued to supply the material but the organisational aspects were now completely controlled by the SS itself.

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