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Article about: Hello guys someone know what that is and what value it has maybe?

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    Default Langemarck

    Hello guys someone know what that is and what value it has maybe?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Langemarck   Langemarck  

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    Default Re: Langemarck

    I don't think this has any connection to the Waffen SS Regt of the same name.

    Langemarck was a famous battle in WW1 and the Germans hold it in high esteem to have fought there.

    I suspect this cross has something to do with the Regt named on it. Which I think will be 26th Reserve Kavallerie-Regiment? I don't have any WW1 Order of Battle to confirm they were there.

    Anyway, hope this helps?

    Nice item too.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Langemarck

    carlsson1982, i think you have the wrong end of the stick with this one (i.e. listing in SS uniforms and insignia.), this is a post war, WW1 that is, badge worn by veterans to remember the battle of Langemarck in October 1914, when the German 6th Army comprised of 4 corps engaged the British army with devastating results (for the Germans), 3 of the corps comprised of inexperianced reservists, students/school leavers, these corps especially the 26th Reserve Korps suffered heavy losses, it was known at the time (in Germany) as 'Kindermord bei Ypern' in english 'the massacre of the innocents at Ypres', . However there is today a large German cemetary at Langamarck with over 44,000 burials. The Nazis made a big fuss about this battle creating a patriotic myth and during the Second World War an SS Division was formed using the name to commemorate the battle, the '27th SS Volunteer Division Langemarck' (SS-Sturmbrigade Langemarck), this badge has nothing to do with this formation.The badge shows a cross with Langemarck upon and '26, Res.k.' for 26th Reserve Korps. As far as value ?....tough much as some one would be willing to pay, i would pay around £20+. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Langemarck

    Thanks buddies, I thought It was from the SS Langermarck, happy I didn't pay it yet. Iam going to cancel this one.

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    Default Re: Langemarck

    When I'm not wrong this is a recollection cross for the First battle for Ieper (Belgium) that the Germans launched on 21. Oct. 1914. The offensive was not a success after all. Because of the high losses of the Germans (because student recruits) but the died very heroic. It's was founded in the Weimar (1918-1933). I don't know the exact founding date, probably early '20.

    After 1934 when the national-socialists gained power this cross was forbidden, because (I guess) Hitler was not very proud on this "loss", because he was a corporal in the 16th Bavarian Volunteers Inf. Rgt. that participated in this battle. The commander of the 16th Vol.Inf.Rgt. “Oberst List” fell on the first day of the assault. Hitler was heavily wounded during this battle and was awarded the Iron cross for his bravery. Hitler served the from the beginning till the end of the war, he was wounded (again) in a field hospital when the war ends. Respect for that, he was a true Hero!

    In WW2 the 199th Inf. Rgt. Was named after his old Commander. Regiment List.

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    Default Re: Langemarck

    PS: indeed, it has notting to do with the flemisch volunteers of the waffen-ss...

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    Default Re: Langemarck

    For the benifit of readers, Ieper is the Flemish name for Ypres (or Wipers as the Tommy called it!). During Oct-Nov 1914 the fighting in the vicinity of Langemarck gave rise to a myth, this myth concerned young students bayonet charging the enemy whilst singing 'Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles' as they were slaughtered by British guns. Hitler included this in his book 'Mein Kampf' written in 1925.This myth was kept alive throughout the Weimar period and was taken over as a political platform by the Nazis, and by 1932 the so called 'sacrificial deaths of the students was refered to by Hitler who claimed to have served at Langemarck, Hitlers Bavarian R.R. 16 although in the battle for Ieper was probably at Gheluvedt (approx 5 klms away) and not at Langemarck . During the period 1933-1944 under the Nazis 11th November became ' Langemarck day ', and in 1924 the Langemarck memorial was unvieled.

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    Default Re: Langemarck

    Sorry for the Dutch names, it was automatism. All true, but was GHELUVELT (Flemisch: Geluveld) not also a part of the FIRST BATTLE FOR YPRES (Flemisch Ieper / main target) like LANGEMARCK was? The Differences are that we know Langemarck as the first attemd, Gheluvelt as the second attemd.

    But I think calling it a myth is wrong. Langemarck was a differend stage as Verdun was! Don't forget the war was fresh, it were all volunteers, very young men, nobody has suffer yet and extreme nationalisme was absolutly normal in these days. So why should it be a myth, only because Hitler has used it in his text?
    We all know that singing national songs bring the moral to a higher level, that's why they used it. In the Napolionwars they had a complete Orkest into the front of the army to improve the moral by take away the scared noices of war (explosions and bulletsounds)...

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    Default Re: Langemarck

    Thanks for the intresting info.

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    Default Re: Langemarck

    Westland, The bayonet charges at Langamarck were no differant or any more heroic than any other bayonet charges made by the Imperial German army throughout the 'Battle of the Frontiers' at this early stage of the war....only Langemarck was 'hijacked' by the nazis (and the Weimar republic) and elevated to mythical status (which many historians agree on))...try running with a full pack under fire with rifle and bayonet and singing the national anthem !....i do not regard Hitler as a 'hero', he was a runner who survived to be decorated, many others did not (the nature of the job!), but i suppose it depends on your politics to which way you interpret.


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