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My little family...

Article about: Here is one of mine.... I do not know how it is marked and I do not care, either. It is of an earlier date than your cap with the high crown and the Drahteinlage, i.e. the cap spring. This c

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    Talking My little family...

    black is beautyfull

    My little family...

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    Circuit advertisement My little family...
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    Default Re: My little family...

    Pascal, what a very nice 'little family' you have

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: My little family...

    sweet could we please see some up close and personal shots pascal?

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    Default Re: My little family...

    A better pic of 3 of them

    My little family...

    and my Sonder-Anfertigung

    My little family...

    My little family...

    and it's skull

    My little family...

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    Default Re: My little family...

    Bravo. You are a man of fine taste and judicious collecting. Well done. If you want to sell the early cap, i.e. with the 1927/9 Hoheitszeichen, please let me know.

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    Default Re: My little family...

    here with a better pic of he 1935 cap insignia

    thoughts about the "Adler" (eagle) are welcome...

    My little family...

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    Default Re: My little family...

    Very nice piece, indeed. I am not expert in the 1927/9 badge, but it looks ok to me. These are not especially rare, and they are faked, but this piece is ok from your image. The only issue might be if this is the same badge as was on the cap in 1935 or so....but such is really a minor point.
    Do not take off the cap badges, as they only get wrecked.

    You have a nice collection, which is no surprise to be sure. vielen Dank!

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    Default Re: My little family...

    See this piece, a cousin of yours.My little family...
    It is of the Fa. Breiter, Muenchen, and was owned by some Professor Dr. in the SS, who likely performed medical experiments, promulgated racial theories, otherwise generated a huge pile of racist bullsh!t and finally would be deeply distressed to know that I have his silly hat. So is a nice hat, though. Doctors, medical and otherwise, were a highly over represented profession in the ranks of the SS.

    PS I have shown this image two hundred times, but it counteracts all the junk on these sites. Thanks to Pascal Bernhard for raising the level here. The fake skull threads are always a huge let down when one fires up the computer. They are akin to athlete's foot or herpes.

    PSS The owner of this cap was " Dr. Helmuth Gesler" and I have not done any further research into his life and times, actually. I will happily sell it for no less than twenty thousand four hundred and fifty dollars and five and a half cents.

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    Default Re: My little family...

    Thank you Friedrich !

    here-with a close-up of the 35 cap skull, (only RZM 52 marked).

    My little family...

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    Default Re: My little family...

    Very nice piece and this is exactly how an SS cap badge should look, which is to say, it should be attached to a cap...
    Someone polished this piece, though, but it is still real and very nice. The fact it is so marked is also a sign of its originality to the cap in hand.
    Bravo. It is so much nicer to see these things than all the junk, and I mean real junk that pops up here and there each day.

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