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Rare green Open collar early SS tunic

Article about: Kriegsgefangenenarbeitskommando roughly translates to, prison work detail, I believe. So yes, it is possible to a certain extent, in my opinion, when one considers the information FB has con

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    Default Rare green Open collar early SS tunic

    Thought i would share this one with you gentlemen. It's a greenish open neck SS untersturmf├╝hrer tunic, used but not abused. I've had
    my eyes on it for a long time, until i recently managed to get it in a trade. Was told the eagle and possibly the diamond had been replaced,
    but both supposedly found in the pocket of the tunic. With it came a few documents with sadly the name removed, to a guy working in the Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt, Amtsgruppe W. I have had two open neck grey tunics before this one, but i sold them sadly, that's why it's such a pleasure to get my hands on another one.

    Sorry for the poor photograph of the front.

    Rare green Open collar early SS tunicRare green Open collar early SS tunicRare green Open collar early SS tunicRare green Open collar early SS tunic

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    Interesting. If you get a chance, could you post pictures of the eagle, trade badge, interior, collar and its stitching.... etc?
    Also, thank you for sharing this. I will not submit a opinion on the tunic as it isn't something I'm knowledgable in. I do, however, like the insignia thus far.

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    Could you post pictures of beneath the collar and the lining? Is there a tailors label?

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    To be sure, an authentic tunic from this organization is a rare and highly desirable item. Thank you for sharing this item with us. Your colleagues here would surely be interested in a photo of the Hoheitszeichen and the Aermelraute.

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    Thank you gentlemen!

    I will provided the requested photos of the lining which is black, and the other details. There is no tailor tag in it, nor do i see signs from one.

    Btw, i am not claiming that this one is untouched. There is no way i could prove that, all i know is that it originated out from a high end gun collection
    a lot of years ago to a friend of mine, i got it from him in a trade. It of course supposedly came from the family, who included the documents but removed the name of the officer. I cannot by any chance prove this, but it does not bother me to much, as Friedrich points out, these open neck SS tunics are rare. And neat since they
    are SS without doubt.

    I have been searching for another photo of a sleeve diamond like this one, without any luck. I might
    have been to quick, but i did not see one in the Angolia book on SS cloth. Though i have been told by several people that it is without doubt correct. The eagle might not be the nicest one out there but i believe it is an original after comparing to similar eagles.

    Again, thank you, i look forward to hearing your comments.

    Btw, the photo showing the front pocket out of focus is to show the wear on the tunic, look at the sleeve.

    Rare green Open collar early SS tunicRare green Open collar early SS tunicRare green Open collar early SS tunic

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    More photos. I do not have photos of the lining and under collar available right now, but will for sure have them taken!

    Shoulderboards attached with screw buttons. They look like they've been there forever.

    Rare green Open collar early SS tunicRare green Open collar early SS tunicRare green Open collar early SS tunic

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    Thank you sir for posting the additional photographs. Although I am not positive what the meaning of the 'W' is, I will attempt to figure it out. I'd assume it had some type of correlation with the administration office due impart to the star located above it.
    I, too, believe the eagle to be authentic and agree, as well, it isn't the most desirable eagle or best looking, but nonetheless, a original example which matters most, at least to me.

    Add: Your photographs are not horrible, thank you again for adding them.
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    This may be of service to your search,
    Rare green Open collar early SS tunic

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    Rare green Open collar early SS tunicRare green Open collar early SS tunicW= Wirtschafts und Verwaltungshauptamt, which is the transformed entity of the Verwaltungsamt SS in the drastic expansion of the SS ca. 1939. Needless to say, the Wirtschafts und Verwaltungshauptamt administered the concentration camp/extermination camp system, or at least built it.
    The eight pointed star was the badge for those who had been through the advanced professional training put in hand by Pohl ca 1938, if I recall.

    - - Updated - -

    These badges are treated in the relevant volumes of Mollo, but also Angolia, but I do not use it as a reliable source.

    W as the chart indicates also is for Wirtschaftsbetriebe, the many SS owned enterprises in their variety, which grew in number greatly as German conquest of Europe operated.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Rare green Open collar early SS tunic  
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    You are both fine gentlemen, thank you very much for the information, i really appreciate it and it helps a lot!

    Would it then make sense that the guy was attached to as it is written on one of the documents "Kriegsgefangenenarbeitskommando"? I sadly
    do not have the man's last name as it is actually cut out and removed from the document, only thing i for name is his first name which according to the documents were "Leopold".

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