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SS armband, thoughts please.

Article about: I’m still searching for a good quality SS armband and I have seen this one for sale. What are peoples opinions on this one please, real or fake? It looks to be genuine to me but I’d just

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    Sammler I have enlarged the images from your good v bad fabric and yes I see the difference of the white roundel fabric. I put both images next to one another and I now see what you ameqn. You’ve a good eye.

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    Circuit advertisement SS armband, thoughts please.
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    Quote by Vocht View Post
    I always appreciate your opinion and honesty Sammler. We are here to learn ! If it turns out that it is fake or I have more than reasonable doubt I will contact the person I purchased it from.
    I put it under UV light and it looks good. The inside has the cloth RZM tags removed. Why would a faker put on tags and remove them?

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    Reverse thinking here: can it be that the the faker of the PL brassard used some original materials from hoards found?
    At question 1: Have you ever seen whether there were original Tags sewn onto your armband? I don't think so. It's possible that the faker deliberately wanted to give the impression that there were original Tags sewn onto his armband one day, which had been removed. At question 2: Of course that's possible. The red wool fabric could be original, for example. The white silk rep fabric is definitely not original! I recently saw an original Ortsgruppe armband at the Ratisbon's auction, onto which a fake oak leaf border had been sewn, in order to turn a PL candidate into an Amtsleiter! These fakers are getting bolder and bolder, and of course they've long since known the trick with the UV light.

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    This is a photo the seller just sent of the inside of the band. Apparently the sticker is the price tag.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS armband, thoughts please.  

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    Price tag is also fake

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    Quote by Finngaill View Post
    Price tag is also fake
    I agree, TJ! The price tag is obviously a smokescreen. Round, glued-on price tags like this don't fit in with the TR era, and the font is too obtrusive, obviously designed to look particularly "old German." The handwriting of the "2.30" doesn't seem authentic either. The 2 looks artificial, as if someone was trying desperately to create an old-looking number. Germans didn't write like that 80 years ago!

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