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SS collar tabs

Article about: I've been told that these are fake, and probably are but I've found one on this forum very similar. Here's one similar to my blank patch with guide lines said to be genuine, you can see wher

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    Default SS collar tabs

    I've been told that these are fake, and probably are but I've found one on this forum very similar. Here's one similar to my blank patch with guide lines said to be genuine, you can see where the confusion comes from. Militaria Forums

    ​​​​​​​SS Blank collar tab

    Now I'm very confused

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    Circuit advertisement SS collar tabs
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    I personally do not like this one. The backing material looks off as well as the black fabric. Did you do a UV test?

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    I can see a couple of differences, which makes me lean towards the WRF example being what it was described as & the one you posted on WAF being what it is described as.

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    Compare the 2 examples again..... you'll see the differences

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    Many thanks I can see some differences but couldn't these be manufacturer variations as they were made throughout the period? I have Wehrmacht collar patches which are original and they have slight variations in cloth and finish?

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    The WAF example strikes me as freshly made, compared to the WRF example

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    Thank you, surely it depends on it's history. I've read some threads where items look brand new that are said to be original, some threads say that items may be stored and still look newish. I have been collecting militaria and social history for years and have worked in a museum where items that are undisputably original, especially when they come from a well documented military collection, and the condition is often very good. I would not say that this collar tabs looks much different to some of my Wehrmacht items which are definately original. British cap basged from WW1 for example can be found in very good condition. I really can't see much difference between these collar patches at all. During war time materials are often substituted. I'm not saying that mine is original, it probably isn't, but what I'm saying is there must have been slight differences in the quality of items produced during this period.

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    Your confusion and frustration is well merited.. Although someone recommended a reputable dealer to you it is always best to post images of potential purchases beforehand and have the items vetted, that you if determined to be fake at the outset then you have not lost any money..

    Frustrating when you get a recommendation from someone only to get burned later.. Hopefully you can get your money back and the dealer is understanding..


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    Cheers. Unfortunately I've had these a while and, because believing them to be original, and someone saying that they are genuine I've never really thought much about them. I also don't go looking for these anymore because they are ridiculously expensive and I can't afford to throw good money at it. I have also posted items for assessment in the past with no response so have given up doing this. The dealer, Old Brigade, will not give a refund. I'm not too bothered about this as they were bought a while back and can't do much about it.

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    The confusion and inconsistency of opinion on what is genuine is seen on these two forums when guide threads on one forum are suggested as fake on a blank tag. On the other forum it's suggested as original, so who is right?

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