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Very Early Standartenfuhrer Collar Tabs

Article about: F-B's recent post of this portrait of Schreck shows what is probably the earliest form of tabs for Standartenfurer. They can be seen again in this portrait of Wilhelm Dreher. Both pics are c

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    Quote by MM1985 View Post
    Here is one from Dietrich in the early days when he was with the O.A. Nord.Attachment 1370064
    Bravo. A superb image. Is this from one of your many unpublished photo albums? A real find. Here are the caps on their heads.Very Early Standartenfuhrer Collar TabsVery Early Standartenfuhrer Collar Tabs
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    Circuit advertisement Very Early Standartenfuhrer Collar Tabs
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    I had not looked at this thread for awhile, and it is really quite stellar as to knowledge and its many, many compelling facets.
    Thanks to Arran and the rest of you stalwarts for your service to the truth, as arduous as that sometimes is, in fact.

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    Our cap badge friends will rejoice in the fact that there appear to be two Danziger type badges in use with Dietrich and his comrade there,
    whose company grade insignia are in plain view in addition to the SS Gruppe/Oberabschnitt designation.Very Early Standartenfuhrer Collar TabsVery Early Standartenfuhrer Collar Tabs

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    You can well see Dietrich here about this time in said film.
    One of you can date it better than I can do.


    One also sees the use of the leader kepi in black worn with the tunic.

    I guess it is 1933 because the SA persons have colored facings on the kepi.

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    As to MM1985's superb images, this data is useful as to the date.

    "An die Stelle der Brigaden traten 1931 die Abschnitte, die den Untergruppen der SA entsprachen, an die Stelle der Oberführerbereiche im Januar 1932 die Gruppen. Zur Gruppe Süd gehörten die SS Abschnitte I (München-Oberbayern, Schwaben, Oberpfalz und Niederbayern), IX (Franken) und die Pfalz als Teil des Abschnitts X. Die größte Standarte nach der in Berlin war die in München. Sie bestand im Januar 1933 aus 33 Stürmen. Ende 1933/Anfang 1934 traten an die Stelle der Gruppen die Oberabschnitte. Die Abschnitte I und IX lagen nun im Oberabschnitt Süd, der Abschnitt X mit der Pfalz dagegen lag im Oberabschnitt Südwest. "

    source: Historisches Lexikon Bayerns, which is a super source by far.

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    "In 1931, the sections that corresponded to the subgroups of the SA replaced the brigades; The SS group included sections I (Munich-Upper Bavaria, Swabia, Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria), IX (Franconia) and the Palatinate as part of section X. The largest standard after that in Berlin was that in Munich. In January 1933 it consisted of 33 storms. At the end of 1933 / beginning of 1934 the upper sections replaced the groups. Sections I and IX were now in the southern upper section, while section X with the Palatinate was in the upper southwest section. "

    The god of AI speaks. It is not very good, but I am not Andreas, who is such a fine translator.

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    Dear FB!

    This Image is indeed from my photo collection but sadly not part of a photo Album. I once got it loose from a german collector. Thanks for sharing your splendid caps!

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    Here is one tab from my collection that might fit into this thread:

    Very Early Standartenfuhrer Collar TabsVery Early Standartenfuhrer Collar Tabs

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