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White Uniform, is it military?

Article about: Strange order of dress in post no.27 with no shirt or t shirt under the orderlies' jackets-are they wearing board shorts and sandals as well? Cowabunga, Dudes!

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    Default White Uniform, is it military?

    I am half reluctant to post this incase it turns out to be very obvious and a silly question, but here it is anyway.

    I saw this photo and I noticed the white uniform in the background. I thought it was just a normal waiters uniform with the way it's been cut but then it has collar tabs and what looks like a shoulder board on the right shoulder. Maybe there is more to it.

    Any ideas? Hopefully you can see what I mean.

    White Uniform, is it military?White Uniform, is it military?

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    Circuit advertisement White Uniform, is it military?
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    I don't know the correct term Patrick but it's some sort of SS stewards uniform i think!...

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    It is the white jacket worn by SS personnel when serving as orderlies/waiters [Aufwärter].

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    Andreas is always right.

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    Is there any surviving examples out there?

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    More important than the coat is Maria (Mittzi) Reiter, the Blondine with the winning smile. At least that's my orientation in all of this.

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    yes somewhere.

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    Reiter was an early paramour of the Schickelgruber person.

    - - ------- - -

    The big boned, healthy, alpine type, you know.

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    She eventually settled with this chap, though:

    Axis History Forum • Unknown Hsf

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    I'm more concerned about the small, furry animal that seems to have crawled onto Uncle Adolph's head and died there.

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