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Full visor helmet

Article about: I already made a thread about this helmet a while ago, but unfortunately it died down pretty fast. So I decided to make a new one to post all the new information I managed to gather. I made

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    Oh, thank you very much. The "new" photos are indeed quite useful.
    This model is a different variant from mine, I suppose that it is one of the first prototypes for 3 reasons:
    - the brim shape follows more the profile of gas mask, which was the primary intent that this variant was designed for;
    - correlated to the first point, I think that the shape could block a part of the field of vision, and they probably decided to make the shape less steep to accomodate for this problem;
    - also this is the only example I found of this variant, so they probably discarded it immediately and went on with my version and distributed it to officers for testing

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