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Lüttwitz-Kapp-Putsch Hakenkreuzbemalung Stahlhelm

Article about: Hello all, I found an interesting picture of an early Transitional 'M-16' that claims to be from the Lüttwitz-Kapp-Putsch of 1920 and I was wondering if anyone had any more information or p

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    Thank you gentlemen, I appreciate the feedback. I have to agree that the insignia looks like it was painted using tape as a guideline accounting for the symmetrical look. When I examined it upon arrival it looked so perfect unlike the hand painted versions seen in period photographs. The patina and wear do match the surface of the helmet perfectly. Its possible it was done post war unless it was a Freikorps member with the same obsessive perfections tendencies that I exhibit. I could not stand to paint a crooked "crooked cross" and would employ this very method. I assume this is something that was not used during the era? I also find it hard to think of a 1960's Hell's Angels character sitting at the club painstakingly painting this. More likely a post war collector? Like I said impossible to know for sure without direct provenance. I never say never in this hobby unless presented with overwhelming evidence. Unless I find a photo of someone wearing the perfect Hakenkreuz helmet I just have to accept it for what it is.
    Regards, Al

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    It’s definitely a hard one to evaluate especially as known examples with provenance are hard to find. I still agree that the paint matches the patina of the surrounding original paint with the rust bleed coming through being typical of many WW1 period camos which exhibit the same type of thing. The sharpness of the lines of the insignia remind me of how straight they are on a WW1 period mail home helmet that has had the label removed. Many of those labels were simply medical adhesive cloth, so perhaps something similar may have been used and not sellotape. I could imagine the insignia being on a bikie helmet but not with that liner. The white paint doesn’t jump out as something done anytime recently nor does it appear like it was done to deceive. Either way it’s still a very nice and interesting helmet as it raises questions.

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