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Evil helmet

Article about: You'd be surprised how many things I've been given at the recycling plant because they are "evil and dangerous!"... both "Nazi stuff" and guns.

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    Default Evil helmet

    Got this from a guy recently who inherited from his late father, his wife said it was evil and wanted it out of her house, true story, as you can see it's double named, the first one beening crossed out, looks to be
    H. Z. WIEDEN, and the next, H. KIEGER.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Evil helmet   Evil helmet  

    Evil helmet   Evil helmet  

    Evil helmet  

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    Default Re: Evil helmet

    Evil how? Like did she think it was haunted, or is she just a square who doesn't appreciate history? Either way, I like it and I hope you got it for a sweet price!

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    Default Re: Evil helmet

    I like it,maybe you could perform an exorcism on it to drive out the evil.

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    Default Re: Evil helmet

    if thats the case then my house is full of evil!!!!!!!!! haha nice helmet btw

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    Default Re: Evil helmet

    Doesnt look to evil from here! Nice SD M42


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    Default Re: Evil helmet

    Maybe it was haunted because it was Nazi. O_o

    Doesn't look too haunted.

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    Default Re: Evil helmet

    Evil?? Its an amazing lid.
    Congrats on such an awesome find.

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    Default Re: Evil helmet

    Great helmet.don't believe this stories about evil or ghosts.take now you can

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    Default Re: Evil helmet

    If that is evil then Doug is the Prince of Darkness....

    Nice combat used lid

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    Default Re: Evil helmet

    The seller said he has the capture papers for it somewhere, he's looking for them now, has any of you acquired an item because the previous owner wanted it gone due to it beening nazi related or having a swastika?

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