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German helmet with wire.

Article about: What do you guys think about this one.?

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    Quote by reneblacky View Post
    also with me I must say!
    This be out and about and of people you meet, only two of my kraut helmets came via the internet and these came to me not being on a mission! but I did have to trade a really good large M36 tunic. This for a M42 sd ss And a Good army M40 sd
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    Circuit advertisement German helmet with wire.
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    Quote by Giants77 View Post
    I agree with you guys on not buying helmets with wire on them as they really can’t be authenticated as original and also like you guys said awhile back if they messed with adding the wire what else did they add. So really the whole helmet is compromised and devalued.
    That's it Giants, well done! The wire on this one shows no evidence of having been on this helmet for very long, no wear to the points of contact with the steel and there are many marks and scratches all over the lid that run underneath the said wire. Also i am not convinced by the liners leather and size stamp, looks a bit off to me like the leather's been replaced. Leon.

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    I thought the same about the liner on this - didn't look right.
    And the wire - can you say with certainty that the wire has not been post war added?? If you can't then the chances are that this is in fact the case. Of all the aspects of a German helmet this must be the hardest to authenticate and easiest to fake as a result.
    For that reason I avoid any wire helmets - in 99% of cases you will always have that nagging doubt that it may not be real.

    Shame on the other M40 luft - but be patient because something will come along.


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    Giants77 ..... I began collecting 30+ years ago, I would buy anything German related that I could afford ..... I found out some was good and some was c##p.
    I didn’t have enough knowledge about everything so I took the advice of someone with more common sense than I had at the time .... Why don’t you just concentrate on collecting a certain type of item... ie: Daggers,Bayonets,Helmets,Caps etc etc.
    I took their advice and decided to collect Third Reich Edged Weapons, my first purchase was a
    33 Patt SA Dagger followed by some really decent Tom Johnson books to learn all I can before making anymore purchasers s as I was becoming more and more alarmed about how many fakes are out there and how easily someone can get ripped off for their money if limited knowledge.

    To sum up ..... You’ve obviously decided on Helmets, pick a Model you would really like to start with, get some reference books ( there’s plent out there ) study that particular Helmet, then decide if its what you would consider good or bad, then show on the forum for some real expert opinions before parting with cash. If the Dealer won’t hold it for you or let you have detailed pictures then leave it there, obviously there’s something to hide.

    That’s just my advice for what it’s worth.

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