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Green M40 ET66

Article about: Hey friends, sorry to start this discussion, I just never seen or heard about beaded helmets before (Im a newbie), so I didnt really pay attention, but now that I know there is no doubt that

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    Default Green M40 ET66

    Hey Guys,

    I've recently bought this helmet. The linersystem is obviously not original to the helmet, however Im unsure if it was altered during or after the war? Im also unsure about the colour and painting, so comment and opinions are appreciated!

    Extra info: I bought it (together with a luftschutz helmet) from a guy who worked more than 30 years at Aalborg airport (Denmark).
    He claims that it belonged to luftwaffe, and that the germans left hundreds of helmets like these when the war ended. After the war they weren't used by the danish, but just stored in boxes. Don't know if its true though.

    Green M40 ET66Green M40 ET66Green M40 ET66Green M40 ET66Green M40 ET66Green M40 ET66Green M40 ET66Green M40 ET66Green M40 ET66



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    Default Re: Green M40 ET66

    Hi there,

    It is a beaded M40, often used by Luftschutz and Police. This liner type is pretty standard for a beaded helmet.

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    Default Re: Green M40 ET66

    hmm..that doesn't look like a beaded helmet to me.

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    Default Re: Green M40 ET66

    Yeah, I think it had a band or something around it that left a mark.........


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    Default Re: Green M40 ET66

    Oh its got a bead alright - just a real shallow one. Look at the weird rivet shape also, and the cork pads of the liner are roundish - all the LS ones I have seen have rectangular cork. And the repaint - dark bluish on the inside???
    An unusual one this.......

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    Default Re: Green M40 ET66

    I have to agree, I think something left that mark, a band or paint, etc. There is no pronounced bead on that helmet.

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    Default Re: Green M40 ET66

    Hey guys, remember I'm doing a project on beaded helmets and one of the things I have seen is the variation in the beading. Companies like SE have almost no bead ( like this ET one ) and others ( especially Quist ) have fully formed beads - it just depended on the machinery used - whether it was manual bead rollers or automated and with manual pressure or hydraulic.

    Look at photo 3 ( the front on shot ) ... you can just see the bump on each side below the rivets.....


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    Default Re: Green M40 ET66

    I agree with Dan here, its a shallow bead alright. As he said look at the liner pins, not a standard pin but the liner itself is also of the civil variety.

    BTW Just looked at the GHW database, there is a match!

    M40 703 ET 66 SD Heer steel liner heavily toned decal - light green reissue/camo paint

    That puts a spanner in the works, though I still think there is a very light bead there.


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    Default Re: Green M40 ET66

    Hate to disagree and insist chaps but I'm sure as eggs are eggs. This pic show the inside of the bead pretty nicely

    Green M40 ET66

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    Default Re: Green M40 ET66

    The first thing I noticed was the faint bead...see it All the time in classic car restorations..we now have bead rollers to make beads on floor boards..this bead was done manualy

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