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Heer M35 ET66 SD helmet - Ed Strache decal?

Article about: Any thoughts on decal? Ed Strache? Wartime applied?

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    Default Heer M35 ET66 SD helmet - Ed Strache decal?

    Any thoughts on decal? Ed Strache? Wartime applied?

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    Circuit advertisement Heer M35 ET66 SD helmet - Ed Strache decal?
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    Very nice lid, IMO........ !


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    Hi Jeff, looks like a very nice HEER helmet to me with no issues. Leon.

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    Liner replaced? ? ( odd rivets ) shell looks fine!
    " I used to be indecisive but now I'm not quite sure "

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    Brass rivets and aluminum liner dated 1939.

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    We're passing judgement on a helmet with these photos?

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    What's wrong with these photos?

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    Quote by MD Helmets View Post
    We're passing judgement on a helmet with these photos?
    How many would suffice? You asked the same thing in my latest helmet thread, which is fine considering it was one of the more difficult camo variants to authenticate, yet when I posted more and asked what you thought you did not even care to comment or elaborate on your initial apparent skepticism.

    I mean, dissecting items is fine and often needed but there comes a point when this really does kill some of the joy of simply sharing/posting new acquisitions... especially when collectors just "drive by", drop off some vague words of doubt and never return to elaborate. Now, this one was not a "sharing" post per se, rather a question re. the decal, but members that seem to me to be knowledgeable enough still felt they sufficed for a simple surface evaluation... I see nothing wrong with that. The photos aren't the best but still...

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    It's not "how many," it's the quality. I admit, I'm not Ansel Adams, but quality is everything in this hobby. They're not horrible pics, certainly not the worst that have ever been posted on the forum, but when Jeff is asking if it's an Ed Strache wartime applied decal, there needs to be a better photograph of the decal, and the helmet in its entirety. There is some discussion on Strache decals being applied post war from unused stock. Dan brought up the liner being replaced, and that's a good point to bring up. The helmet has a reinforced band, which is fine, but we don't have the lot #, or the maker for that matter, to put a time frame on the helmet. It may very well fall into the time frame for the second model liner and all is good. Could be a factory reissue with a Strache decal. Dated dome stamp? Are the split pins dated the same as the liner band, and are they re-bent? Any info on the strap? The inside of the skirt looks to have areas of rubbing or cleaning, would be good to see some close ups of those areas. There are a lot of little parts that go into making the helmet and helping collectors give a thumbs up or down. Believe me, I want everyone's helmets to be 100% correct and wartime original, but sometimes we have to play devil's advocate. I'm not trying to condemn the helmet, I just want to be thorough to be fair to the owner.

    As for your winter camo, I'm sorry, but I just had not gotten back to that thread. When you posted just the one photo I figured it must have been seen in another thread, because we all know no one says yes or no for a winter camo with one photo, but maybe I had missed it. I don't and can't view every thread, don't think anyone can. Was not questioning it, just simply wanted to know if there was another thread to check out more photos of it.

    I don't think any of this is taking the joy out of collecting and showing off ones collections, but if my being thorough and questioning items is an issue, than I'll just move along.

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    Hey, I guess it was more of a general thing rather than anything else... not my intention to make it about you in particular, really --- I still do think that there's, at times, too much of a "CSI" vibe to the whole thing... which, sometimes, kind of kills the thrill somewhat for me. Like I said, I do understand the need for thorough examination of items but I guess I might be more lighthearted about it at times when it comes to the run of the mill/dime a dozen German helmet.
    Things can definitely be misinterpreted and when it comes from experienced collectors I feel it's even more important that words are weighed and comments and opinions voiced are followed through and elaborated on.

    In this case I guess I felt the photos were sufficient for a surface vetting, so to speak, but I can definitely see that perhaps better photos of the decal might be needed for determining maker... not something that I concern myself with. And, of course... no need to be sorry, I welcome anything you'd like to add though -- if so inclined.

    On with the helmet at hand --

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